WINTERSTORM Returns With New Album “Everfrost” After Asleep For Seven Years

Winterstorm Band

Finally, after sleeping for 7 years the German folk power metal band WINTERSTORM has woken up again with their new album “Everfrost”. This album will be their fifth album and contains 11 songs and is planned to be released on July 14, 2023 through their label AFM Records in cd-digipak format. The new album “Everfrost” can already be ordered in the pre-order session via the link below:

It’s time to put on your jacket – because WINTERSTORM is coming!

This album “Everfrost” is an extraordinary journey that combines elements of folk and power metal and shows that they don’t need to hide behind the giants like BLIND GUARDIAN and RHAPSODY OF FIRE who mastered the genre. This album is their debut album with the AFM Records label and at the same time brings new hope and shows that this German band is worthy of being juxtaposed with the giants in this genre.

With beautiful melodies that are clearly stated in their music and a chorus that feels very euphoric and heroic nuances that are often felt in their songs, they make their music full of interesting elements that blend with the metal style. So that we will get a completely new music.

WINTER stands for Norse Viking and Folk Metal, STORM stands for fast Power Metal, which merges together with epic music and orchestral metal and shines in a new splendor. And this album “Everfrost” is arguably a very strong album, and a lineup of great bands from this genre. “

To The End Of All Known” is the first single taken from the album “Everfrost” and can be heard via the Youtube link at the end of this article.

01. Origin
02. To The End Of All Known
03. The Phoenix Died (Remember)
04. Circle Of Greed
05. Future Times
06. Everfrost
07. Final Journey
08. Fate Of The Atlanteans
09. Crusade
10. Overcome The Fear
11. Silence


Winterstorm - Everfrost