MAJESTY New Album Details “Back To Attack” And Release Schedule

Majesty Band

It’s been more than 3 years that the metal heroes from Germany, MAJESTY, have been absent. After the band only wanted to take a year off following their Legends Tour at the end of 2019 to recharge their batteries, they, like everyone else in the world, have been forced into an even longer hiatus due to the pandemic.

But the guys used this time extensively and worked on an album that perfectly incorporates everything that characterizes the band: Big heavy metal anthems that catch your eye the first time you hear them and make you pump your fists in the air mixed with lyrics about the struggle for your freedom and your way to live.

Back To Attack” is the title of MAJESTY‘s next album and will be released on April 28 through Reaper Entertainment.

The band stated: “We are very pleased that after months of dedication and passion we can finally announce our new album “Back To Attack” to take the metal world by storm. To celebrate the release of this album, we will be holding a massive release concert. on April 28 at the Posthalle Würzburg. The concert will be a great heavy metal party where we play songs from the new album but also our classics and your favorites that unite us all as a metal unit. More details more about this event as well as about the many special guests joining us on stage will be announced soon. So, in conclusion, the waiting period is over, we are back on the attack and can’t wait to see you all again soon.

The album’s artwork fits perfectly with MAJESTY‘s musical and lyrical message: “Never allow yourself to be defeated and fight for your path in life. A path that means freedom.”

List of songs “Back To Attack“:
1 The Oath Of Truth
2 Back To Attack
3 Demon Wars
4 Glorious Warriors
5 Never Kneel
6 Freedom Child
7 Ages Of Glory
8 Saviors In The Dark
9 A Hero´s Storm
10 In The Silence
11 Our Time Has Come
12 Heralds Of The Storm

MAJESTY lineup:
Tarek “Metal Son” Maghary – Vocals, Keyboards
Robin Hadamovsky – Guitar
Jan Raddatz – Drums
Emanuel Knorr – Guitar

The band was formed in 1997, in July 2008 Tarek Maghary announced that MAJESTY had disbanded and would be replaced by a new band called METALFORCE and had released an album titled “Metalforce” in 2011. recently signed to the Magic Circle Music label instead of Massacre Records.

In April 2011 Maghary changed the band’s name back to MAJESTY. During their career with the name MAJESTY they have released nine albums namely “Keep It True” (2000), “Sword & Sorcery” (2002), “Reign In Glory” (2002), “Hellforces” (2006), “Thunder Rider” (2013), “Banners High” (2013), “Generation Steel” (2015), “Rebels” (2017), “Legends” (2019).


Majesty - Back To Attack