PRIMAL FEAR Will Release New Album “Code Red” In September

Primal Fear Band

PRIMAL FEAR will release their studio album “Code Red” on September 1, 2023 through their label Atomic Fire. Stan W. Decker entrusted the cover artwork for this new album.

Mat Sinner stated, “The world is in a state of emergency, one disaster follows another. “Code Red” is our statement on this moment and the title of our upcoming 14th studio album, which will be released live as the tour kicks off on September 1. According to its title, this album will be a heavy, powerful and uncompromising record – 110% PRIMAL FEAR!”

PRIMAL FEAR was formed by Ralf Scheepers and members of the band SINNER after he left GAMMA RAY to audition for a JUDAS PRIEST vocalist.

In 2006 PRIMAL FEAR parted ways with label Nuclear Blast after Mat Sinner left his job as a label representative at the company in January.

During the course of his career, PRIMAL FEAR has released 13 studio albums namely; “Primal Fear” 1998, “Jaws of Death” 1999, “Nuclear Fire” 2001, “Black Sun” 2002, “Devil’s Ground” 2004, “Seven Seals” 2005, “New Religion” 2007, “16.6 (Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead)” 2009, “Unbreakable” 2012, “Delivering the Black” 2014, “Rulebreaker” 2016, “Apocalypse” 2016 and “Metal Commando” 2020.

Mat Sinner – Bass
Ralf Scheepers – Vocals
Tom Naumann – Guitar
Magnus Karlsson – Guitar
Alex Beyrodt – Guitar
Michael Ehré – Drums