WINTERAGE Will Release Their Third Album “Nekyia” In July

Winterage Band

Italian symphonic power metal band WINTERAGE will be releasing their new 3rd album “Nekyia” on July 7, 2023 via Scarlet Records.

This new album was produced by WINTERAGE; recorded and mixed by Gabriele Ravaglia and Gianmarco Bambini at Fear Studio and Tommy Talamanca at Nadir Music; mastering by Jacob Hansen at Hansen Studios; and for matters of album cover artwork done by Giannis Nakos aka Remedy Art Design.

This album “Nekyia” introduces a new side of WINTERAGE, with a more bombastic and theatrical feel.

The Italian symphonic power metal band’s current sound is heavily influenced by the epic-cinematic style of Two Steps From Hell and operatic music; the impact of the heavy metal has also been amplified as well.

From high notes to dramatic operatic vocals, from folk instruments to mighty and majestic orchestral sounds, from pounding beats to guitar riffs and breakout solos, this album truly showcases the sensational evolution of WINTERAGE and their majestic, triumphant sound.

1    Apertio ad Profundum
2    Simurgh the Firebird
3    The Cult of Hecate
4    Numen
5    Nekyia
6    La Fonte d’Essenza
7    Dark Enchantment
8    White Leviathan
9    Metamorphosis, a Macabre Ritual
10  Resurrectio ad Mundum

Line up:
Daniele Barbarossa – Vocals
Gianmarco Bambini – Guitars
Gabriele Boschi – Violin, Orchestral arrangements
Matteo Serlenga – Bass
Luca Ghiglione – Drums

WINTERAGE is a Symphonic Power Metal band with strong influences from classical, Irish and medieval music. The band is characterized by the presence of a violinist, Gabriele Boschi, who is also the founder and arranger of the orchestra and by the use of a symphony orchestra during the recording of the album. The band was formed in 2008 and has released two studio albums “The Harmonic Passage” in 2015 and “The Inheritance of Beauty” in 2021.