MISTYFICA Debut Album Entitled “Cantury Tales”

Mistyfica Band

MISTYFICA is a symphonic metal project band from Ukraine, this band is a project between Max Molodtsov (EDENIAN, SORROWFUL LAND, BLESSDIVINE) & Valerie Chudentsova (EDENIAN) which was formed in early 2020. Their first single is titled “Scarlet Reign” which was released on July 7, 2020 and can be viewed via the YouTube link at the end of this article.

Currently they have completed their first album entitled “Century Tales” and the schedule for the release of this first album will be announced soon. The following is a statement from Max Molodtsov quoted from the MISTYFICA Facebook page:

“Max here to tell some exciting news! It’s been a while since we posted anything music related but the time is now! As you might remember we were quite busy recording our debut album and to be honest we could release it much earlier. But then war knocked at our doors and changed our lives forever. I won’t describe all of the odds we had to deal with within these last years but what’s more important – WE MANAGED TO FINISH FIRST MISTYFICA ALBUM!! How cool is that, huh?

The album is called “Century Tales”, it contains 10 songs – from fast pace epic compositions to mellow and charming ballad-esque tunes. You’ll also hear some classic “beauty and the beast” vocal formula too on some. Three of the songs create a concept trilogy, telling the exciting story, with very Game Of Thrones-ish vibe.

And with great pleasure we can reveal its cover art done by talented Ukrainian artist Yulia Zhuchkova who totally got the idea right and fulfilled our ideas with this amazing piece of art. And yes, this cover is based upon that “Blood Of The Royals” trilogy mentioned above.

So, as for the other news, full track-list reveal and the estimated date of release – STAY TUNED!

We do hope that this album which means a lot to us will see the light of day lately this year!

Stay strong!”

Max & Valerie

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/officialmistyfica