VIS MYSTICA Announces Details Of Second EP “Doorways To Infinity”

VIS MYSTICA, a power metal band from America who call themselves Jedi Metal, this is because they are heavily influenced by the storyline of Star Wars and various Science fiction stories. After releasing their first EP “Celestial Wisdom” in 2022, they will now be releasing their second EP with the title “Doorways To Infinity“. In this second EP they invited several musicians from other power metal bands, including vocalist Jonas Heidgert (DRAGONLAND), keyboardist from France who has now passed away, Philippe Giordana (R.I.P, FAIRYLAND) and vocalist John Yelland (JUDICATOR).

The album cover for the second EP was done by Crimson Visions Art Design and Multimedia.

1. Arcanum Universalis
2. Doorways To Infinity
3. Children of Time (feat. John Yelland)
4. Wielder of Flame
5. Gods and Monsters (feat. Jonas Heidgert & Philippe Giordana)

Line up:
Taylor Washington (PALADIN and THEOCRACY) – Vocals
Connor McCray – Guitar, Bass, Orchestration, Lyrics
Alexander Bosson (LUNAR) – Percussion