HEIMDALL Announce Details of Their New Album “Hephaestus”

Heimdall Band 2023

Italian epic power metaller band HEIMDALL will be back with a new album, ten years after they released their last album “Aeneid” in 2013. The new album is called “Hephaestus” and will be released by Pride & Joy on August 25th .

Here’s a press release by the label:

The history of HEIMDALL began in 1994 when Fabio Calluori (guitar) and Nicolas Calluori (drums) decided to form a heavy metal band. After several line-up changes, bassist Giovanni Canu, guitarist Carmelo Claps and singer Claudio Gallo joined HEIMDALL who started intense stage activities and released their debut album “Lord Of The Sky” in 1998. Then concerts with SENTENCED, LABYRINTH, DOMINE and ATHENA.

25 years later, after several line-up changes, many headlining shows, touring with SHAMAN and four more studio albums, and now HEIMDALL are back with their sixth album, “Hephaestus”, and a new recording contract with German label Pride & Joy Music!

The band started making new songs in 2018 and entered Sonic Temple Studios in 2020 to record the album “Hephaestus”.

Current band lineup:
Gandolfo Ferro – vocals
Fabio Calluori – guitar
Carmelo Claps – guitar
Franco Amoroso – bass
Nicolas Calluori – drums

The following is the track list for the album “Hephaestus” and the album cover at the end of this article:
01. Hephaestus
02. Masquerade
03. King
04. The Runes
05. Till The End Of Time
06. Power
07. We Are One
08. Spellcaster
09. The Show Must Go On

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/HEIMDALL/91609032482
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/3NLPUVsCfzEB9TRkc9yZnj?si=AqQW7WziQ5OyndtgsCLG9Q