Garrett Campbell – Skies Of Dragonlight (2023) (6.5/10)

Garrett Campbell - Skies of Dragonlight (2023)

GARRETT CAMPBELL, a multi-talent from the USA, has just released his first album entitled “Skies of Dragonlight”, an epic symphonic power metal album with catchy riffs and bright and uplifting melodies. This is a very interesting album with a lot of influence from the adventure power metal band from Sweden, TWILIGHT FORCE, of which Garrett Campbell really admires the band driven by Lynd. Some of the songs include “Skies Of Dragonlight” and “On Wings Of Arcane Magic“.

Together with his debut album, GARRETT CAMPBELL presents an epic story wrapped in symphonic melodic power metal music with orchestral elements and story narration that will bring us to feel the aura and atmosphere of the fantasy story he brings, as in the opening song “Guardian Chrystal Of Lore” and a fairly long song of about 9 minutes, “Curse Of The Hellspell”. In these two songs, in addition to story narration, this album also includes several story dialogues so that we will be carried along emotionally in the storyline.

And apart from TWILIGHT FORCE, Garrett Campbell is also a fan of the British band galactica, GLORYHAMMER. In this album, we can see in the song “Goblin Eyes” from the title track and the music, we will immediately be able to judge it. There is also the song “Ghost Of The Galactic Wizard“.

My favorite song on this album is called “Battle For Eternal Starlight” a song with very powerful epic symphonic elements and here I think the highest voice by Garrett on this album, and I feel some moments of nuance influenced by the symphonic power metal maestro from Italy , RHAPSODY OF FIRE combined with Lynd’s shredding guitar from TWILIGHT FORCE.

Overall, with this debut album “Skies of Dragonlight“, although still under the shadows and musical influence of several of its predecessor symphonic power metal bands, GARRETT CAMPBELL tries to have character and tried something new by combining some of the strongest characters of those symphonic power metal maestros. With talent and strong music enthusiasms, he works hard from all aspects of music to create and produce the work he wants. Recommended for fans of TWILIGHT FORCE, RHAPSODY OF FIRE, GLORYHAMMER and FELLOWSHIP.

Line Up:
Garrett Campbell – All Instruments

01. Guardian Crystal of Lore
02. Skies of Dragonlight
03. Curse of the Hellspell
04. On Wings of Arcane Magic
05. What I’d Do For Love
06. Goblin Eyes
08. Till Then
09. Ghost of the Galactic Wizard
10. Battle for Eternal Starlight
11. An Enchanted Dawn

Music: 7
Production: 6


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