MISTYFICA Joins Elevate Records And Prepares To Release Their First Album

Mistyfica Band

MISTYFICA, a symphonic metal band from Ukraine has just signed a partnership with Elevate Records. As we quoted from the official Elevate Records page “We are delighted to announce a new addition to the Elevate roster. The MISTYFICA from Ukraine, who play an elegant and powerful brand of symphonic metal with an epic touch.

As for their music, you can expect a delectable blend of heavy guitars akin to EPICA and XANDRIA, sincere emotions reminiscent of WITHIN TEMPTATION, and orchestral arrangements in the vein of DELAIN. To top it off, their sound is enriched by the powerful, passionate, seductive, yet delicate vocals of Valerie Chudentsova—a classically trained opera singer—combined with growls and other extreme vocal parts performed by Max Molodtsov.

Their debut album, “Century Tales,” will see the light on Elevate Records in September and will be preceded shortly by a single and lyric video”.

The debut album “Century Tales“ contains 10 tracks – from fast-paced epic compositions to soft and captivating ballads. You’ll also hear some of the classic “beauty and the beast” vocal formula on some songs. Three of the songs create a trilogy of concepts, telling an engrossing story, with a very Game Of Thrones twist and feel.

And with the cover artwork by the talented Ukrainian artist Yulia Zhuchkova who really got the idea right and lived up to our expectations with this incredible work of art. And yes, this cover is based on the “Blood Of The Royals” trilogy.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/officialmistyfica