UNCHOSEN ONES Released EP “More Sorrow” And Second Album Is On The Way

Unchosen Ones Band

UNCHOSEN ONES, even though it has only been six months since the release of their debut album “Sorrow Turns to Dust“, the band cannot sit still, and to celebrate the incredible reception this album has received around the world and the amazing reviews they have received, today, The Spanish melodic heavy metal band released the EP “More Sorrow” on all digital platforms as a gift for those who support the band and also for newcomers.

As if it were an expansion, “More Sorrow” is directly connected to the album “Sorrow Turns to Dust” and contains a new song called “Rise Above the Dread” that will please everyone who enjoyed the first album, because this album has all the elements on the first album, the main elements and more, with soaring guitars, incredible keyboards and catchy and melodic chorus.

The EP also features a melancholic acoustic version of “Sorrow Turns to Dust” and a stunning Synthwave version of “Far Beyond the Thunderdome“.

More Sorrow” Tracklist:
01. Rise Above the Dread (New Song)
02. Sorrow Turns to Dust (Acoustic Version)
03. Far Beyond the Thunderdome (Synthwave Version)

The new song “Rise Above the Dread“, a song with a light guitar melody combined with heavy metal drums makes this song so catchy and able to lift your adrenaline and act as a mood-booster. The guitar rhythm becomes a bit heavier towards the solo, but not for long and changes back to melodic and lighter heavy metal music with beautiful guitar solos.

The acoustic version of “Sorrow Turns to Dust“, vocalist Javier Calderón sings more soulfully, and with the accompaniment of an acoustic guitar, this song feels more like a ballad so that it can make listeners appreciate the lyrical and emotional meaning of this song more.

The last song on this EP is “Far Beyond the Thunderdome” with this Synthwave version, I feel taken back to the pop music era of the 80s.

As additional information, they are also working on their second album, so keep your eyes for the next updates!

Christian Marco – Keyboards
Francisco Romero – Guitars
Jose Fernandez – Drums
Javier Calderón – Vocals
Pablo Alvarez – Bass

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Unchosen-Ones-Metal-184961780288076
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/intl-es/artist/7mjAd2vWKdfvFAC0kR1ygJ

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