ROCK IN SOLO Festival 2023 Line Up Details and Tickets Available

Rock In Solo 2023

ROCK IN SOLO Festival will return to entertain Indonesian metalheads on December 10, 2023 at Benteng Vastenburg, Surakarta. One of the biggest metal music festivals in Indonesia, it presents various line ups of national and international bands. From the international line up, after previously presenting two metal bands FIT FOR AN AUTOPSY and SUFFOCATION last year, this time ROCK IN SOLO is back and even more exciting by presenting three bands that are definitely familiar to Indonesian and world metalheads.


After a decade, the extreme metal band was formed in 1991 and has quite an influence on the Polish metal music scene. BEHEMOTH will return to hit the ROCK IN SOLO Festival 2023 stage with even greater strength.


A technical death metal band from Canada that was formed in 1988 and is also one of the most influential bands on the world death metal music scene, CRYPTOPSY is ready to roar ferociously on the ROCK IN SOLO Festival 2023 stage.


The death core giant from Australia, which was formed in 2006, is also ready to hit the ROCK IN SOLO Festival 2023 stage!

So, get ready to witness the history of the ferocity of the three giants from the three continents in one event on the ROCK IN SOLO Festival 2023 battlefield on December 10, 2023.

From the lineup of local bands, ROCK IN SOLO Festival 2023 presents rock and metal bands from several corners:

DAZZLE – Crossover thrash metal from Malang City, East Java
DEATH VOMIT – Brutal death metal from Yogyakarta City, DIY
EDANE – Rock band from the Jakarta City, DKI Jakarta
FINGERPRINT – Hardcore metal from Medan City, North Sumatra
FINSMOONTH – Melodic black metal from Jakarta City, DKI Jakarta
HUMILIATION – Technical death metal from Bandung City, West Java
LUDICIA – Deathcore metal from Denpasar City, Bali
MCPR – Punk Rock from Solo City, Central Java
MTAD – Techno-Metal Punk from Solo City, Central Java
NOXA – Grindcore Metal from Jakarta City, DKI Jakarta
SWORN – Black-Death Metal from Surakarta City, Central Java
WEEKEND WARRIORS – Punk Rock from Bengawan City, Central Java


Previously, the two batches of Early Entry tickets had already been sold out but apparently there were still many metalheads who wanted to enter early to get a historic experience at ROCK IN SOLO Festival 2023. Therefore, the organizers decided to added the Early Entry 3 quota and it went on sale on Monday, October 16, 2023 starting at 12.00 WIB.

Early Entry tickets are very limited at a price of Rp. 175,000 (excluding tax) and only available at More details regarding tickets can be seen in the scheme below.