Create Illusions – Illusion I (2023)

Create Illusions - Illusion I (2023)

CREATE ILLUSIONS, a progressive power metal band from Italy, released their debut album “Illusion I” on September 29 via Revalve Records/Believe. The cover artwork caught my attention and made me want to know more about this album, until finally I read the biography and members of this band. It was quite surprising for me because some of the members were members of the power metal band HEAVENBLAST, which I have long been a fan of this 2000s era band.

Returning to CREATE ILLUSIONS, this debut album was recorded at Comet Broadcasting Studio, owned by drummer Luca Nicolucci (MIND CONTROL) and the artwork was done by Ksadian Digital Art.

Entering the music in this album, it opens with the song “Scorpions In Fire“, with Diego Chiacchierini‘s clear vocals wrapped in melodic power metal music that includes progressive elements and an impressive chorus as well as several emotionally charged moments. Followed by the second song “The Chrums Of Life” which opens with a quite thrashy guitar rhythm and bombastic drums and slowly the guitar rhythm turns heavier and catchier. Entering the middle of the song, the music feels a little rocky but occasionally they increase the tempo again, especially on the drums.

I Will Follow You” is music that is quite unique to my ears, the notes feel poppy wrapped in heavy rock music that is not too fast and very melodic in the guitar solo. “It’s Only a Matter of Time” is the third single from this album, a song with a lilting guitar melody that immediately colors the beginning of this song, followed by keyboards like melodic ballad songs in heavy and power metal music genres. Entering the middle of the song, Diego Chiacchierini sings emotionally accompanied by a guitar melody and keyboards and ballad drums. This is a ballad that deserves to be included in the ranks of the best ballad songs in the melodic heavy/power metal music genre.

The song has a heavy rock feel with the song “The Broken Big Black Wall” which is followed by the song “Second Chance” with a heavy guitar rhythm but occasionally beautiful guitar melodies color this song, this is a mid-tempo song or more likely an epic and emotional power ballad song.

Give Me the Strength” is the first single song on this album, with progressive heavy metal music with powerful vocals and heavy rhythms accompanied by the sound of keyboards behind and an amazing guitar solo part with powerful power metal drums.

The eighth song, “The Carillon” is a progressive heavy metal song with amazing and powerful drums, guitar melodies inserted between vocals with a chorus that will be very easy to keep playing in our memories. Followed by the song which is the second single on this album “I Don’t Wanna Feel Your Body” which gives a progressive color at the beginning of the song, slowly the guitar rhythm changes to become more catchy, on the other hand they include the voice of female vocalist Viola Versinthe (SLEEPWALKERS).

To close, the song ” You Go Away From Me” with piano accompaniment accompanying Diego Chiacchierini‘s voice and the pounding drums of a power ballad song and a lilting guitar melody complete with a choir and orchestra behind make this song feel epic and majestic.

As a debut album, “Illusion I” is quite amazing, apart from being a lineup of experienced musicians, they also play several musical elements in one album so that fans will not feel bored as they continue to enjoy the songs in this album. Supported by capable production that will pamper our ears and feel comfortable.

Diego “The Kjakja” Chiacchierini – Vocals, Keyboards, Piano
Alessandro Saponaro – Guitars
Alessandro Di Carlo – Guitars
Simone ‘Tuxx’ Tucci – Bass
Luca Nicolucci – Drum

1.         Scorpions on Fire       
2.         Crumbs of Life
3.         I Will Follow You
4.         It’s Only a Matter of Time  
5.         The Broken Big Black Wall  
6.         Second Chance
7.         Give Me the Strength  
8.         The Carillon
9.         I Don’t Wanna Feel Your Body
10.       You Go Away

Music: 7
Production: 8


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