TOWER HILL Debut Album And First Single Entitled Deathstalker

Tower Hill Band

TOWER HILL, a newcomer band from Canada, they have just announced their debut album titled “Deathstalker”! The album “Deathstalker” features nine classic heavy metal songs with beautiful riffs. Release date and pre-order information will be announced soon by their label No Remorse Records!

The album was recorded and engineered by Jeremy Puffer and R.F. Traynor at B.T. Studio. The vocals were recorded and engineered by Diego Fernandez at Oracle Recording Studios, mixed by Diego Fernandez at Oracle Recording Studios and mastered by Olof Wikstrand at Hvergelmer Studios. Andreas Marschall is entrusted with the album cover artwork.

As for the lyric video for the first single titled “Deathstalker”, this song is based on the classic 1980s sword-and-sorcery film and can be watched via the YouTube link at the end of this article.

TOWER HILL is a traditional Canadian heavy metal band. Originally formed in 2020 as a project band by vocalist R.F. Traynor, TOWER HILL are turning into a five-piece heavy metal force, and are ready to hit the stage following the release of their “Fighting Spirits” demo tape in early 2021.

Inspired by heavy metal and power metal bands such as RIOT, RUNNING WILD, JUDAS PRIEST, HELLOWEEN, and STORMWITCH, TOWER HILL delivers fast-paced, hook-driven, and riff-forward heavy metal with soaring solos, dynamic drumming, and lyrical storytelling from high drama to pulp fiction and everything in between.

1. Deathstalker (5:57)
2. The Claw is the Law (3:37)
3. Fighting Spirits (4:25)
4. Kings Who Die (4:38)
5. In at the Death (5:16)
6. All the Little Devils are Proud of Hell (5:26)
7. How Am I (4:59)
8. Antigone (4:38)
9. Port of Saints (5:23)

R.F. Traynor – Vocals
Chris Nunz – Guitar
Jeremy Puffer – Guitar
Cam Dakus – Bass
Mitch Stykalo – Drums