SABATON Parts Ways With Guitarist Tommy Johansson

Shocking news came from the giant band from Sweden, SABATON, which stated that guitarist Tommy Johansson decided to leave the band which tells stories about the historical of war and the army.

As stated by the band:

After 7 amazing years in the band, our guitarist, Tommy, has decided to leave SABATON to pursue his own path. We wish him nothing but the best on his journey. We have been a close family and we will continue to support him in the adventures that await him in the future.

Tommy joined the band in 2016 but he has been a close friend of SABATON ever since our first meeting at the end of a concert in 2005. As a valued member of the band, he has contributed to countless immortal memories.

Tommy’s departure from SABATON will not be effective immediately. He will stay on to ensure that all goes smoothly with the handover to our next guitarist.

While a small part of his large heart will always remain within SABATON, we all know that he must follow his dreams.

Even though we will not wake up daily in the tour bus next to him, we are sure that our paths will cross again many times in the future, both on and off the stage.

Fly on your wings and strings brother!”

/Pär, Chris, Hannes and Joakim

A message from Tommy…

“My dear friends!

After 7 glorious years of Heavy Metal, I have decided to step down as the guitarist of SABATON. This has been the hardest decision I’ve ever made in my entire life.

As many of you may know, I do a lot of things outside of SABATON. I play with another band, perform with various artists, and have a career as a singer that I’ve put aside for years to focus on SABATON.

After doing this for seven years, I feel it’s time to start following my heart.

This means I will no longer tour with my brothers in SABATON and will not meet all you lovely SABATON supporters on the upcoming tours with the band.

I will never quit playing music. I’ll still be touring with MAJESTICA and other projects, but not on the same level as SABATON of course. I am sure I will meet you lovely fans on the road again in the future.

My brothers in SABATON and the best crew in the world will forever be my second family and I will miss spending time with all these wonderful people. We had so much fun together every day. I’ve come to learn so much about life, about music and about touring that I wouldn’t have learned anywhere else.

A massive thank you to all you lovely SABATON fans for accepting me as the new guitarist in 2016. I am certain you will accept the person who takes over after me.

All the best to you all and I’ll see you again soon!



Photo by EmJay Rockphotos