KNIGHTS OF HELIOPOLIS Releases Single Titled “The Planeswalkers”

Phoebus The Knight Band

Cinematic symphonic power metal from France, KNIGHTS OF HELIOPOLIS (formerly PHOEBUS THE KNIGHT) have just released their first single entitled “The Planeswalkers” which is taken from the EP album entitled “The Planeswalkers” which will be released in 2024.

The band said:

“Hail fellow knights of Heliopolis !

Here is our first single from “The Planeswalkers” serie of singles ! In this serie, the knights of Heliopolis use their powers to open portal to other planes and are helping the people from there to overcome evil while chasing the Beast that tries to escape them ! You will soon see which worlds the knights will explore in the next single releasing soon !”

From the start, this song feels epic and symphonic, slowly it feels more catchy with light heavy metal rhythms like in the song “We Make (Sweden Rock)” by HAMMERFALL, as well as Phobeus‘ distinctive voice adding to the unique character of this band from their first work. Here I also found moments that reminded me of the song “Armata Strigoi” from POWERWOLF. On the other hand, I feel this song feels quite complete by including several vocal characters at several moments including growls and female vocals, making this song feel operatic and theatrical. And what is not to be missed is the chorus in several parts of the song which adds to the splendor of this song, including the anthemic and catchy chorus. Towards the solo part I found a part of this song that reminded me of the song “Defenders of Valhalla” from BROTHERS OF METAL.

If I look at the song “The Planeswalkers“, I’m sure their upcoming album is really worth waiting for, especially for fans of bands like POWERWOLF, RHAPSODY, CRADLE OF FILTH.

01. The Planeswalkers 05:22
02. In the Shadow Of The Erdtree 05:47
03. Adeptus Astartes 04:42
04. The River Of Life 07:07
05. Les Merveilles de Mijin 07:07

Axel de Montalembert aka. Phoebus – Lead Vocals
Adrien Djouadou aka. Oswald – Guitar, orchestrations and vocals
Noémie Allet aka. Arkeuid – Bass and vocals
Adrien Guingal aka. Hadrian – Guitar and backings
Guillaume Remih aka. Robin – Drums


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