Preludio Ancestral – Magnus (2023) (7/10)

Preludio Ancestral - Magnus (2023)

Argentinian symphonic power metal band PRELUDIO ANCESTRAL has just released their fifth album “Magnus” on August 2, 2023. The cover art for this album really caught my attention to see the details of the songs on this album. Immediately, I started with the first song entitled “Constantine“, an instrument song with orchestra and choir accompaniment with a fairly short duration of about one and a half minutes.

This is followed by the second track “Low Down”, a song with a promising symphony and an uplifting melody combined with the fast-paced music with a chorus behind the scenes and the powerful voice of guest vocalist Kimmo Perämäki to make this second song a song of encouragement for fans of typical symphonic power metal music, very melodic solo parts, fast and slick guitar duets accompanied by the orchestra to the end of the song. Fans of Edu Falaschi‘s voice will love this song and character vocalist Kimmo Perämäki (MASQUERAGE, ex-CELESTY) is here.

Then the third song “Behind The Line” a song that is not too fast, begins with a modern orchestra with a touch of modern music continues with a heavy rhythm and tends to be progressive and heavy vocals a little reminiscent of vocalist Russell Allen from the progressive power metal band SYMPHONY X. Then “Tell The Truth“, this fourth song also has a more modern feel, at the beginning of the song I was reminded of the character of the modern symphonic metal band from Sweden AMARANTHE, this song for me feels more melodic and feels bright and catchy and light on the ear.

The fifth song “Power Of Conscious“, begins with an orchestra and heavy metal rhythm and the powerful voice of the vocalist who is none other than Renzo Favaro from the heavy metal band JERIKO, slowly the tempo rises again in this song but not as fast as the second song “Low Down” but here feel the boombastic double bass drums and rhythm guitar getting faster. A guitar solo and a duet of the two guitarists are also heard in the solo part of this song. By including a narrator in the middle of the song makes this song feel epic.

We Write It” this song gives a slightly rocky feel when compared to typical metal music, Iván Sencion‘s vocals (WATCHMEN, ex-JERIKO) in this song feel a little out of place in my opinion, but I don’t know whether this was a factor in the recording process or indeed they want output like this. Followed by the seventh song “Reborn Man”, immediately attacked by the fast and powerful drums, this first part reminds me of the song “Fallin’ Ghost” by the Italian progressive metaller, ATHENA and the rhythm is powerful, this song is just feels typical of music neoclassical YNGWIE MALMSTEEN or SYMPHONY X.

Agony”, a typical power progressive metal song is very attached to this song from start to finish, this song will spoil our ears with guitar and keyboard melodies and invites our brains to be in high tension.

The album closes with an instrumental ballad “Tell Me” with beautiful piano melodies throughout.

Overall, this album presents quite a variety of music, we can get fast and powerful symphonic power metal music and in some parts they incorporate more modern elements when compared to their previous albums, and play with a fairly good technique by playing progressive music. metal in parts. It didn’t stop there, they also played rock and neoclassical music.

Line up:
Guitars, Keyboards and Orchestrations – Leo Gatti
Bass – Ari Katajamaki
Drums – Rey Fernandez
Keyboards – Max Nez, Gabriele Crisafulli
Voices – Ivan Sencion, Alessio Perardi, Kimmo Perämäki, Daniel García

01. Constantine
02. Low Down
03. Behind the Line
04. Tell the Truth
05. Power of Conscious
06. We Write It
07. Reborn Man
08. Agony
09. Tell Me

Music: 7
Production: 7


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