Phoebus The Knight – Ferrum Fero Ferro Feror (2023) (8/10)

Phoebus The Knight

PHOEBUS THE KNIGHT, a newcomer band from France that carries the symphonic power metal genre, has just released their debut album entitled “Ferrum Fero Ferro Feror” on January 29, 2023. Previously they had released an EP entitled “The Guardian” in 2022 and received many high-rated reviews.

Before, I knew about this band when they released their EP in 2022, seeing the cover art on the EP “The Guardian” immediately piqued my curiosity to see more about this band. And indeed as I mentioned earlier, this EP deserves highly rated reviews. A band that is unique and has a strong character.

And the moment that everyone has been waiting for has finally arrived, they released their first studio album, and as before, the cover art depicts a fantasy story that is heroic and has character.

The debut album “Ferrum Fero Ferro Feror” opens with an intro or instrument song entitled “Ante Lux” which is a magnificent and heroic instrument song. And continued with the second song entitled “The Beast Within“, a song with a chainsaw rhythm that accompanies the soprano voice of the vocalist Phoebus, this song feels manly and heroic wrapped in an orchestra throughout the song and incorporates a bit of progressive elements in the solo part, making this song feel very dynamic.

The third track “The Iron Queen” is a ballad with orchestral accompaniment surrounding the song and here they also include growl vocals in the middle of the song. Continuing with the powerful song “The Scarlet Dance“, a fast song with orchestra and symphony throughout the song with thumping drums that are getting faster and slower with occasional lowered tempo on certain parts, and again, they include growl vocals and choruses and the more embellished this song is a very beautiful melodic solo part with folk elements in it.

The fifth song “Semen Pessimorum” is an instrument song which is dominated by organ sounds in the early part of the song and it has quite a church feel, nearing the middle of the song, the orchestra and a magnificent symphony dominate until the end. The song “Darkness Will Prevail”, a song that opens with an operetta and a slow musical accompaniment that feels quite classic, accompanies the heavy soprano vocals in this song and occasionally includes growl vocals.

Children of the Night” is a melodic song with orchestra and immediately opens with growl vocals with accompanying orchestra and a light rhythm behind the back with the occasional choir to follow the beat in this song.

The eighth song is “The Queen of the Black Sun” which is also the longest song on this album with a duration of more than 8 minutes. This song immediately opens with symphonic music followed by fast drums and a magnificent orchestra, but then stops and changes with the entry of Phoebus’ voice with her distinctive and dashing soprano character. Slowly the tempo rises and then drops again with a fairly serene piano accompaniment. Followed by a song entitled “Para Bellum“, a solemn instrument song at the beginning of the song and a magnificent orchestra in the middle slowly changing towards a conditional symphony with catchy melodies and tending to be like a national anthem.

Massacre de septembre” begins with classical music and is accompanied by Phoebus’ soprano vocals, which feel very manly and authoritative and are accompanied by melodic piano notes throughout the song. In this song they invited a female violinist named Marie-Sophie Baumgartner.

The next song which is also the title of this album is “Ferrum Fero Ferro Feror“, a song that begins with an orchestra with an upbeat chorus and is accompanied by a catchy rhythm and a very melodic guitar solo part. At the end of the song they re-entered the growl vocal character.

The last song titled “The Sword of Justice” opens with a magnificent orchestra with powerful drum beats accompanied by a fast guitar melody. The chorus can be heard in this song along with the orchestra throughout most of the song, operatic nuances can be heard and felt here. In the solo section, there are heavy metal guitar rhythms and beautiful and catchy guitar melodies.

Overall, PHOEBUS THE KNIGHT with their debut album “Ferrum Fero Ferro Feror” presents a new color and enlivens the metal music scene in the world. Heroic musical characters with conceptual fantasy enter them into the world of power metal symphonic music by combining many other musical elements. For fans of bands like NIGHTWISH, EPICA, WITHIN TEMPTATION, POWERWOLF, RHAPSODY OF FIRE, CRADLE OF FILTH it is highly recommended to include this PHOEBUS THE KNIGHT in their music discography record book and wardrobe immediately.

Phoebus – Vocals
Hadrian – Gitars
Oswald Croll – Gitars
Arkeuid – Bass
Robin of Locksley – Drums

01. Ante Lux
02. The Beast Within
03. The Iron Queen
04. The Scarlet Dance
05. Semen Pessimorum
06. Darkness will Prevail
07. Children of the Night
08. The Queen of the Black Sun
09. Para Bellum
10. Massacres de Septembre
11. Ferrum Fero Ferro Feror
12. The Sword of Justice

Musik: 8/10
Produksi: 8/10


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