PATHFINDER Tells The Story of the Amazement That Was Torn Through Single “Genting

After last releasing the EP “Tengara” in 2022, PATHFINDER is back by releasing a single entitled “Genting” on February 23rd, 2024. However, they also had to reshuffle the formation after the bassist left, PATHFINDER is ready to groan again in your ears by patching up the formation by recruiting Galang as its new bassist. This rock quartet from Sragen City, which was formed in 2022, now consists of Qoirul (vocals), Adim (guitar), Rayhan (drums) and Galang (bass) and is preparing to release some of its material this year.

Through the single “Genting“, PATHFINDER wants to tell the story of a secret admirer who expresses his admiration but unfortunately the response is not accepted, causing the admirer to destroy the feelings he has built up. PATHFINDER invited Sashkilla, a vocalist who also comes from Sragen City, to provide female vocals on this song. Still dominant with overflowing guitar distortion, heavy bass sounds and lyrics wrapped in unusual phrases are the characteristics of each PATHFINDER song.

“Bermain di masa-masa, jalan hidupku bersamamu
Niskala darmalanta, dunia itu perekatan-nya”

The lyrics are the focus of every PATHFINDER song without ignoring the musical arrangement. Unusual phrases can be found in almost every song, all of which have Indonesian lyrics. Direct meaning is rarely implied in each PATHFINDER song because it requires diving deeper to find it. In terms of song composition, guitarist Adim was the main master in composing every inch of density in this song. “Genting” was recorded with producer Irvan Romadhoni from Inwaves Studio and mixing mastering was handed over to Dandhy Satria from Catpaws Lab.

After feeling quite relaxed in 2023, PATHFINDER is back to organizing the red thread in music this year. This year, PATHFINDER plans to release several song materials, merchandise and hold their first tour. You can listen to “Genting” on all digital music platforms.

– Dua Sisi (Single 2022)
– Tengara (Ep 2022)
– Genting (Single 2024)


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