KEKAL Will Release A Compilation Album Entitled “Eternitarian” And Available For Free


The latest news from the avant-garde metal band from the capital city of Jakarta, KEKAL, who will be releasing a compilation album entitled “Eternitarian: The Essential Kekal 1995—2022“, this album is planned to be released on March 3, 2023.

Eternitarian” is a compilation album of the best of the band KEKAL. This album contains 31 songs with a playing time of almost 3 hours which is a summary of 27 years of KEKAL‘s musical journey, with selected material taken from 13 albums, 3 EPs and also their first demo album in 1995. Presented only in free digital download or donation based via their BandCamp page, this album is a collection of KEKAL‘s favorite songs from old song material, new song material and alternative versions of songs that have never been released before.

This album was specially released because of the many requests from music lovers out there who are very interested in KEKAL‘s music but don’t have the opportunity to listen to it and they don’t know where to start, and the majority of KEKAL‘s loyal fans tend to listen to only one particular “era” of KEKAL‘s music. This. This album “Eternitarian” serves to introduce the entire discography of KEKAL‘s musical journey by taking the best songs from every album and EP from the 90s to 2022. And not only that, this album can also function as a list of “Essential” songs. or really KEKAL songs, as the songs on this album were carefully selected based on fan favorites and “best pick” reviews.

1. Vox Diaboli *
2. Characteristicon *
3. Isolated I *
4. Born Anew
5. Neutrality
6. A Dream For A Moment *
7. Inward Journey (drum mix)
8. Speed Of God
9. The Ascending Collective
10. Dividend In Division *
11. Artifacts Of Modern Insanity *
12. Mean Attraction
13. Crossroads (alternate mix)
14. Rare Earth Elements
15. Embrace The Dead
16. No Master
17. Revealment – feat. Voxlucis *
18. Token Discontentment
19. Manipulator Generals
20. Tabula Rasa (alternate mix)
21. Rotting Youth
22. Conditional Destiny
23. Spiritual Anarchism
24. The Fearless And The Dedicated
25. Armageddon
26. Narrow Avenue
27. In Continuum
28. The Painful Experience
29. The God Particle
30. Escapism
31. Open World (sick version)

* Recommended songs to play on the radio

KEKAL was formed in 1995 as a punk-influenced extreme metal band, the band is based in Jakarta – Indonesia and has ventured deep into musical exploration for over 27 years now. Their monumental 4th album “1000 Thoughts of Violence” in 2003 marked the beginning of their journey in which they managed to blend their extreme metal bases with enormous progressive energy and experimental elements, but somehow – that music caught on. For KEKAL, musical exploration is considered as an important method of self-actualization and part of their spiritual journey towards expansion.

KEKAL was one of the first bands/musicians from Indonesia who had the opportunity to fly internationally in the early and mid 2000s by releasing albums in the North American and European markets, and the first band from Indonesia to tour Europe in March 2004, they played a series of songs on stage. concerts in Germany, the Netherlands and Sweden.

Since 2009, KEKAL has been a band without official members, however the former members still continue to make music and release albums for KEKAL, although they contribute as an anonymous unpublished musician.

In the course of his career KEKAL has released 13 albums namely; “Beyond the Glimpse of Dreams” (1998), “Embrace the Dead” (1999), “The Painful Experience” (2001), “1000 Thoughts of Violence” (2003), “Acidity” (2005), “The Habit of Fire” (2007), “Audible Minority” (2008), “8” (2010), “Autonomy” (2012), “Multilateral” (2015), “Deeper Underground” (2018), “Quantum Resolution” (2020) and “Envisaged” (2022).

Line up:
Jeff Arwadi – Vocals & Guitar (1996 – 2009)
Azhar Levi Sianturi – Bass (1996 – 2009)
Leo Setiawan – Guitar (1996 – 2009)
Didi Priyadi – Guitar (2004 – 2005) (Live Session)


Kekal - Eternitarian