INSANIA Returns To The Studio Working On Their Sixth Album

After signing a collaboration with the Italian label, Frontiers Music Srl in 2020, the power metal band from Sweden, INSANIA, then released their fifth album “V (Praeparatus Supervivet)” on November 12th, 2021 which also marked their “comeback” on the world music scene after a 14 year hiatus and they feel energized and full of inspiration. The powerful new album is full of fast, soaring tracks in classic European power metal style with double-bass drums, great choruses and amazing solos.

Two years have passed, now they are back in the studio and working on song materials for their sixth album, recording drums is in progress with Ola Halén (vocals) as sound engineer and producer.

Guitarist Niklas Dahlin gave an overview about their sixth album:
“I just had a “listen through” on INSANIA’s upcoming album. Omg!!! (as the kids say), it sounds absolutely killer. This one could be our best album ever made (in my own humble opinion). Can’t wait to share it with you all!”

Drummer Mikko Korsbäck says:
“We have started recording drums today, and with that a new chapter begins today – a new history will be written. The set is a little different, but the feeling is the same.”

INSANIA was formed in 1992 by drummer Mikko Korsbäck and guitarist Henrik Juhano. Bass player Tomas Stolt entered the lineup shortly after and several other musicians were also part of the band for short periods of time. The band initially started playing covers of their favorite bands such as HELLOWEEN and IRON MAIDEN, but eventually Mikko’s classmate Niklas Dahlin joined as second guitar player and they started writing their own songs. The band then added keyboardist Patrik Västilä and began using a more melodic style. Mikko took it upon himself to sing, even though he played drums at the same time, as the band had not yet found a vocalist to match their ambitions.

In 1997, the band approached singer David Henriksson to join the band. The combination of the band’s ambition and David’s vocals is truly harmonious. The band feels complete now and is trying to find a way to reach a larger audience. Later, the band was offered a deal with House of Kicks (later known as MNW and then Sound Pollution) and their debut album “World of Ice” was released in 1999. The band then released three more albums “Sunrise in Riverland” (2001), “Fantasy (A New Dimension)” (2003), “Agony (Gift of Life)” (2007) during this period underwent several line-up changes and finally went on hiatus in 2007.

Now the band has reformed and is ready to bring their power metal style back to metalheads all over the world!

Ola Halén – Vocals 
Dimitri Keiski – Vocals
Peter Östros – Guitars
Niklas Dahlin – Guitars & Keyboard Arrangements
Mikko Korsbäck – Drums & Keyboards
Tomas Stolt – Bass 


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