HOLY DRAGONS Announce Details of New Album “Fortress”

HOLY DRAGONS, a power metal band from Kazakhstan which was formed in 1992, has just announced the latest news about their new album entitled “Fortress“. This album will be released on January 16th, 2024 on all digital platforms.

The following is the song list and album cover for “Fortress“:

1. Angel Shadows (03:22)
2. The Stockholm Syndrome (04:11)
3. Vampire Thrill (03:15)
4. Warrior of Dreams (Back to the Future) (06:28)
5. The Faces of Truth (04:46)
6. The Game of Fate (08:28)
7. Fear (01:44)
8. Darkness Beyond the Other Side of Your Eyes (04:21)
9. Demon of Silence (03:59)
10. No Wind of Change (04:58)
11. Red Dragon of Wales (03:46)
12. Stronger than the Wind (06:01)

In order to welcome the new album “Fortress“, they released a single entitled “The Game Of Fate” on September which coincided with the band’s formed (September 11th, 1992 with the original name AXCESS). You can listen to the song “The Game Of Fate” below.

Chris “Thora Thorheim” Caine – Lead vocal, guitars
Jurgen “Stratomaniaс” Thunderson – Lead guitars
Ivan “Hans” Manchenco – bass guitar
Zabir Shamsutdinov – drums and percussions

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/holydragonsband/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/holy_dragons_official/

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