INDUCTION Will Release A New Work Titled “A Call Beyond” This Month

Induction Band 2023

It doesn’t take long, a new creation from symphonic power metal band INDUCTION will be released soon with a song called “A Call Beyond“, the song is set to be released on May 25 thru Atomic Fire Records.


As a follow-up to the success of the latest album “Born From Fire“, INDUCTION feels an urgency to immediately launch new music to the ears of their hungry fans. So they also don’t want to waste any more time, now is the time to put on their seat belts again and get ready for a new journey.

INDUCTION was formed in 2014 by guitarist Martin Beck from Czech, at first the band was named Martin Beck’s INDUCTION, but later changed its name to INDUCTION by hooking up guitarist from Hamburg, Germany Tim Kanoa Hansen who is none other than the biological son of guitarist Kai Hansen ( GAMMA RAY, HELLOWEEN, ex-UNISONIC).

INDUCTION has released an album with the same title as its band name, “Induction“, which was released on October 18, 2019. This album also features Kai Hansen (vocals and guitar) and Peter Crowley as orchestrators on this “Induction” album.

Not long after they released their first album, one by one the band members decided to leave until Tim Kanoa Hansen was left behind. But then in 2022, the Team managed to find replacements for the members who left until finally the INDUCTION members were complete and released their second album “Born From Fire” in the same year.

Tim Hansen – Guitars
Dominik Gusch – Bass
Dominik Zester – Drums
Marcos Rodríguez – Guitars
Craig Cairns – Vocals

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