PHOEBUS THE KNIGHT To Release An EP Titled “Chronicles”

Phoebus The Knight Band

The symphonic power metal band from France, PHOEBUS THE KNIGHT, is back with new news, this time it says that they will be releasing a mini album or what is commonly called an EP. Thus this is their second EP after last year they released with the title “The Last Guardian” and for the second this is titled “Chronicles“. The stories in this EP tell a story that takes place at a time other than the main storyline told in their first album and EP or in short, this EP tells another side of the story of the Phoebus the Knight universe!

The first of the series will be titled “The Cursed Lord” and will be released physically and digitally on all streaming platforms on June 21, 2023! For pre-orders, the physical release is available on the PHOEBUS THE KNIGHT website below.

Tracklist :
01. The Cursed Lord (06:40) – includes music by Modeste Moussorgski
02. The Black Dungeon (05:08)
03. Surrounded by Darkness (06:37) – including “Dies Irae” by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
04. The Tears of Rowena (06:04) – inspired and partially quoted by Bellini, Donizetti and Verdi
05. The Tears of Rowena (Metal Opera Version) – Bonus Track (06:04)

The story in this EP will contain the battle between the knights of Heliopolis against Gilles de Rais who has fallen into an abyss of dark magic, demonology and madness. However, will the knights be able to bring peace back to the land of Rais?

Musically, the album comes with beautiful bass character from Axel de Montalembert, heavy riffing, epic guitar solos, thunderous bass, heavy drum beats and majestic orchestration as usual, as well as vocal intervention from other Heliopolis knights and use of masterpieces. true of classical music adapted to symphonic metal. Throughout the EP you will hear heavy versions of “A Night on the Bald Mountain” by Moussorgski, “Dies Irae” by Mozart or even moments inspired by some of the most beautiful pages by Bellini, Donizetti and Verdi.

Everything is available to accompany the adventures of the dark symphony, to defend the common good of the knights of Heliopolis in the story “The Cursed Lord“, written by Axel de Montalembert, composed by Adrien Djouadou and performed by PHOEBUS THE KNIGHT!

PHOEBUS THE KNIGHT was formed in 2020 by Axel de Montalembert who is none other than the vocalist. In 2022 they released a mini album titled “The last Guardian” and in early 2023 they released their first album entitled “Ferrum Fero Ferro Feror“.

Line up:
Axel de Montalembert – Vocals
Adrien Djouadou – Giutars, Vocals, Orchestrations
Adrien Guingal – Guitars, Backing Vocals
Noémie Allet – Bass, Vocals
Guillaume Remih – Drums