INDUCTION To Release EP Entitled “The Power Of Power” This August

Induction Band 2023

The Power Of Power” is a mini album or first EP in the history of the symphonic power metal band INDUCTION which is scheduled to be released on August 4, 2023.

The EP features the new epic “Set You Free”, as well as intense power-metal hymns to complement the album.


Set You Free” is INDUCTION‘s interpretation of and homage to the heyday of power metal. A song that revives all the classic elements of the genre in its own unique and modern way.

Tim said:
Bands like HELLOWEEN, STRATOVARIUS and SONATA ARCTICA really shaped the power metal genre, and I’ve always wanted to write songs to honor this part of history, which we all know and love. All of this comes at the right time, as we also join these three giants on tour this year. “Set You Free” is my humble attempt to rekindle, or simply inflame, your love of the genre, in my own way. Let the song take you on a journey back in time and may the glory of power metal shine forever!”

Line up:
Tim Hansen – Guitars
Dominik Gusch – Bass
Dominik Zester – Drums
Marcos Rodríguez – Guitars
Craig Cairns – Vocals