Icon Of Sin – Legends (2023) (9/10)

Heavy metal band from Argentina, ICON OF SIN, has just released their second album entitled “Legends” on August 4, 2023 through their label Frontier Records. Looking at the cover of the album, it can be seen that this second album seems more promising and more powerful. And it’s true, with their new formation, a new spirit was formed and resulted in this “Legends” album.

After listening to the album “Legends” several times, I feel that this album feels more varied and complex when compared to their debut album “Icon of Sin“. With heavy metal guitar riffs and catchy melodies which are the result of an evolution in their music. Or you could say they have experienced a level increase in music.

Some songs are fast, powerful and very melodic like in the opening song “Cimmerian” which immediately opens with strong guitar melodies, powerful drum beats, heavy metal guitar riffs and heavy bass that can be felt in this opening song. Vocalist Raphael Mendes is powerful and sounds quite like the character from the British legend, Bruce Dickinson. This song is very appropriate to be in the opening position, with a strong, fast and powerful song character that can arouse the enthusiasm of the listeners. And the song “Heart Of The Wolf” which is very melodic, especially in the guitar solo which is very slick with their guitar solo duet. Also the song “Wheels of Vengeance” which was also released in a music video, this song immediately welcomes us with a duet of beautiful and fast guitar melodies with a powerful chorus.

And songs with a tempo that is not too fast but feels strong and melodic or maybe you could say songs with a typical melodic heavy metal songs, such as the song “Night Force” with the occasional inclusion of typical rock music and the songs “The Scarlet Gospels“, “In the Mouth of Madness”. And songs with a bit of a progressive touch but still feel powerful like in the song “Bare Knuckle“. We can listen to songs with strong rock music nuances and light riffs in the song called “Terror Games“.

As a closing, the song “Black Sails and Dark Waters” is a song that is quite complex and feels epic. I think this song pretty much represents almost all of the components in the previous songs. With beautiful guitar melodies and rhythms that feel strong, occasionally feel progressive but still feel powerful.

Overall, this second album “Legends” is an album that results from the meeting of the musical soul’s passion with evolution and the determination to rise to a higher level in music. For fans of the character of vocalist Bruce Dickinson (IRON MAIDEN) combined with melodic heavy metal and power metal music that sticks to guitar melodies and powerful music, will be liked this album. By working on professional production, ICON OF SIN seems to have succeeded in balancing the quality of their music with the quality of production which is very capable.

Raphael Mendes
– Vocals
Marcelo Gelbcke – Guitar
Sol Perez – Guitar
Caio Vidal – Bass
Markos Franzmann – Drums

1. Cimmerian
2. Night Force
3. The Scarlet Gospels
4. In The Mouth Of Madness
5. Heart Of The Wolf
6. Bare Knuckle
7. Wheels Of Vengeance
8. Clouds Over Gotham Pt.2 – The Arkham Knight
9. Terror Games
10. Black Sails And Dark Waters

Music: 9
Production: 9

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/IconOfSinMusic
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/1Pr3Zk2s1bZpX2WVkKdmkP