EUNOMIA Releases First Single “The Story Goes On” For New Album “The Chronicles of Eunomia Part II”

Peter Danielsen

Norwegian power metal band, EUNOMIA has just released a new single “The Story Goes On” in welcoming their second album “The Chronicles of Eunomia Part II” which will be released on September 15, 2023 by Rockshots Records.



Delivering epic, bombastic, fast, and powerful fantasy music through their compositions, this second album from EUNOMIA is the result of the band’s hard work, as the first album was completely written by band founder, vocalist, and keyboardist Peter Danielsen.

This second album is joined by his brother who was also involved in EUNOMIA‘s first album, Marius Danielsen (LEGEND OF VALLEY DOOM), bassist Alexander Ormseth, guitarist Magnar Winther Skorgenes and drummer Alessandro Kelvin (PERC3PTION). The songs on this second album are described as more powerful. and stronger than ever with more variety than their first album.

The Chronicles of Eunomia Part II” also features guest musicians including:
Arnaud Ménard (ALKEMYST)
Jimmy Hedlund (FALCONER)
Mikael Dahl (CRYSTAL EYES )
Anders Sköld (VEONITY)

Overall this second album has everything from power metal elements and symphonic metal elements to beautiful choruses, fast double bass drumming, and even epic ballads that fit the story perfectly.

“Everyone in the band has helped shape the new album. We worked hard to get this album as it sounds. Re-written a lot of parts of the songs to make it as perfect as possible. I think the fans will hear that the band has grown and gotten better , tighter and more creative than the first album. Better melodies, better songwriting, and even more epic than before. We have leveled up significantly on this album. I believe this album is 10x better than the first and I think the chorus will stick in the minds of fans and I hope they hit replay many times after hearing it for the first time.” added Peter Danielsen.

Marius Danielsen also added:

“As the mixing and mastering engineer for this album, I have to say it has been quite a journey. My brother and I have worked closely together on this album for about two years. Learning new mixing tricks and carefully carving out the space for every single instrument in the mix of 250 or so songs per song and it has been a cool process to be a part of this. I think we managed to make an epic sounding Power Metal album full of beautiful, memorable melodies.”

About his first single “The Story Goes OnPeter Danielsen commented:

“Let’s get into our first single! This is the fastest song I’ve ever written, I always wanted to make a song that could be included on a DRAGONFORCE album. Ivan Giannini of DERDIAN/VISION DIVINE and Arnaud Ménard of ALKEMYST sing it with all their heart in a song that this one. Fast riffs, fast and melodic guitar solo by Jimmy Hedlund of FALCONER, lots of fast epic drums, and an epic chorus. This song is the last song on the album but I feel like it needs to be done first because I really love this song.”

EUNOMIA is also working on writing for the next album “The Chronicles of Eunomia Part III” and is looking forward to appearing on stage.

“I can’t wait to bring EUNOMIA back on stage again now that most of us live in the same city again. We will try to tell EUNOMIA’s story with great energy, perfect performances, great guest artists, and a great setlist.”

The Chronicles of Eunomia Part II” is recommended for fans of RHAPSODY OF FIRE, TWILIGHT FORCE, DRAGONFORCE, FREEDOM CALL and HAMMERFALL.

1. The Search (ft. Alessandro Conti, Arnaud Ménard, Jimmy Hedlund) – 5:20
2. Glorious (ft. Artemij Ryabovol, Ronny Castillo) – 3:58
3. A New Dawn – 5:07
4. Battle of the Overlook (ft. Jimmy Hedlund) – 6:08
5. Another Dimension – 4:09
6. My King (ft. Matt Krais, Fredrik Enochson) – 5:40
7. Clash of Steel – 4:44
8. Carry On – 5:53
9. Riding Towards The Sunset (ft.Ty Christian) – 6:20
10. Raise Our Banners (ft. Mikael Dahl, Ty Christian) – 5:01
11. My Heart (ft. Olaf Hayer, Anders Sköld) – 4:13
12. The Story Goes On (ft. Ivan Giannini, Arnaud Ménard, Jimmy Hedlund) – 4:17


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