Dragonland – Power Of The Nightstar (2022) (8.5/10)

Dragonland - The Power Of The Nightstar

11 years, finally after eleven years DRAGONLAND released their work again. Many things have changed in that time and many things can remain the same. And here comes DRAGONLAND with an expanded version, more ambitious, and closer to the film’s slowly but very well developed musical mentality.

Always a conceptual and imaginative band, DRAGONLAND have had and are always developing new sci-fi storylines from the start and this album “Power Of The Nightstar” is no exception.

In this latest album I see the concept is not very new but they managed to layer it and polish it with beautiful color and freshness.

Starting with the intro “The Awakening” which is short and very cinematic with orchestration and some narration and I feel an intro with a hopeful feel, then the second song “A Light in the Dark” opens quite calmly, this song has some good riffs, heavy, and melodic vocals are strong, and the song keeps pace at a fairly relaxed pace, slowly developing into an excellent chorus.

The third track is called “Flight from Destruction”, a more powerful and more intense song, where they go full speed ahead from the start. It’s the kind of fast, high-energy song power metal fans have come to expect, with some excellent, emotional orchestration, and a fantastic chorus, personally the song’s musicality is a close second to the intro.

Continuing with the song “Through Galaxies Endless“, the type of song that tends to be more emotional and theatrical arrangements with the keyboard surrounding the song, combined with heavy guitars but quite calm, and the tempo is relaxed and the chorus that gives color behind.

The tempo is up again with “The Scattering of Darkness“, the song begins with a glorious and very intense keyboard that instantly hypnotizes us, with a fairly serene opening verse, but as soon as the chorus enters the tempo increases, with the drums speeding up, while the guitar slowly began to hit with a pretty catchy vocal melody.

A Threat from Beyond the Shadows”, a fast song with a very classic power metal feel. With a strong orchestra with a good mix of heavy guitars, keyboards and a beautiful chorus. The upbeat and catchy chorus is the main point for me in this song and an epic part of the narrative leading up to a well-arranged solo. Another unique part is in the second half of this song, right after the solo, where the drums go wild, and some harsh-vocals are issued, the epic feel is increasingly felt towards the end of this song.

After being hit by two loud songs, it’s time for “Aphelion“, a short instrument song with the keyboard mastering it, then continued with the song “Celestial Squadron“, a fast song, with a heavy guitar style and feels quite progressive, and the atmosphere is quite dark, especially on the keyboard. The atmosphere of space can also be felt a bit like GAMMA RAY from the era “Somewhere Out In Space” album.

Resurrecting an Ancient Technology”, a song that starts with some mellow instruments that can set the scene, but progresses into a fairly upbeat power metal song, with heavy guitars, keyboard melodies, and a fantastical chorus.

Ten is a perfect number, like the tenth song on this album which is also the title of the album “The Power of the Nightstar“, the song which is also the first single they released some time ago. The song’s epic vocals from the start, which immediately has a strong atmosphere of victory, quickly becomes full of power, with guitars, drums, and orchestra all the way out, while keyboards set the tone and rhythm. It is a high-energy, up-tempo song with a powerful chorus and fueled by optimism. This song will immediately get power metal fans fired up, and it’s fitting that they chose this song as their first single, especially as a statement “comeback” from a band that has been on hiatus for over 10 years.

Final Hour”, a fast, dense, tight song with great orchestration with some heavy riffs, and well-timed narration, melodic vocals are great but this song has a few twists which I find a little bit at times disturbed. But it paid off when I listened to the ending of this song which is epic and phenomenal.

The last is the 9-plus minute song “Journey’s End“, in this song featuring guest vocals Elize Ryd of AMARANTHE. A fairly calm song, with fairly light guitars, combined with keyboards and orchestration. True to its title, this song gives off the feeling of an end to a journey, with a relaxed tempo accompanied by orchestral accompaniment, narration, and a beautiful vocal melody all mixed together to make a great song, and the perfect ending to this album.

01. The Awakening
02. A Light in the Dark
03. Flight from Destruction
04. Through Galaxies Endless
05. The Scattering of Darkness
06. A Threat from Beyond the Shadows
07. Aphelion
08. Celestial Squadron
09. Resurrecting an Ancient Technology
10. The Power of the Nightstar
11. Final Hour
12. Journey’s End
13. Oblivion (M83 Cover)

Music: 8/10
Production: 9/10

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