Induction – Born From Fire (2022) (9/10)

Induction - Born From Fire

INDUCTION, a power metal band originally from Czech but later migrated to Hamburg, Germany, has just released their second album “Born From Fire” on November 25th. The band is fronted by Tim Hansen cs, who incidentally is the biological son of The God-Father of Power Metal, Kai Hansen. However, it seems that the son does not want to be too spoiled in the shadow of his father, with the release of this second album, Tim Hansen can prove his quality and ability to play music and carry the name of his band to survive even though all the other personnel had left and looked for a replacement.

Immediately included in the first song “Born From Fire“, this first song immediately presented booming drums in a row with orchestral accompaniment combined with Craig Cairns‘ heavy vocals, but the song changed when it entered the chorus section, very catchy, melodic with the chorus accompanying it , the melodic solo part that became the hallmark of power metal bands in general.

The second track “Scorched” is a song that begins with a heavy orchestra and rhythm guitar but still has a light rhythm combined with the heavy vocals of Craig Cairns. The chorus is very catchy and the choruses in several parts add to the tightness of this song. The growl vocals are tucked in before the solo with progressive rhythm guitar and towards the end of this song is the part that I like the most, the chorus accompanied by a beautiful melody.

Fallen Angel” is the third song on this album with typical songs that are not too fast but in some parts they slightly increase the intensity of the song’s speed, with the beat of the song like SABATON and in the solo part I was reminded of the song “Bismarck“. Then continues the next song, “Go to Hell”, this song opens with the keyboard and screams of the vocalist, a song with a saw guitar rhythm beat with a choir that feels rocky to me and beautiful piano playing in the solo part.

Continuing with the fifth song entitled “Embers” this song is very unique and impressive, the melody and rhythm guitar blend with the drums which are slowly getting faster and for Craig Cairns’s vocals here I vaguely remember the vocalist of the French band HEAVENLY, he is Ben Sotto in the era “Virus” album.

The song “Order & Chaos”, with a glorious start with the occasional inclusion of a fusion orchestra of VISIONS OF ATLANTIS and RHAPSODY OF FIRE and a chorus that feels a bit far behind, this song feels mature. The relentless thumping of drums throughout most of the song is combined with the orchestra and with a chorus that feels quite upbeat and heroic and the main point for me is the solo part, very impressive, majestic, manly and vaguely reminiscent of the guitar character of GAMMA RAY‘s senior band. Next is the song “The Beauty of Monstrance“, thrashy! The first time I heard this song, I immediately remembered this word. Yes.. because it was opened with a tight drum beat, but it didn’t take long, after that the intensity slowly decreased and turned into a relaxed and slightly modern song.

Queen Of Light”, the eighth song opens with high-pitch vocals and the roar of drums accompanied by guitars and orchestra behind and then pauses for a moment, here I remember the song “Real World” by GAMMA RAY and then the song bounces back with impressive chorus with Craig Cairns’ vocals which feels very powerful while still being at the high notes level.

I Am Alive”, the guitar melody immediately takes us into this song, with the character of a heavy metal rock melodic song. Continuing to the tenth song “Ghost Of Silence“, a mid-tempo song but full of melodies throughout the song with the vocalist who is almost always in the high notes but changes as soon as he enters the chorus which is quite catchy and light for sing along. A metal ballad song “Eternal Silence” which opens with a quite solemn piano, this is the only ballad song on this album with vocals that are full of emotion in singing this song.

The last song is titled “Sacrifice“, the closing song which is also the first single from this album, a song that is quite majestic, melodic and progressive with a heavy vocal sound with occasional choirs, especially in the chorus and accompanied by the sound of keyboards and orchestras which sometimes heard faintly behind.

INDUCTION, you could say is a newcomer band, but together with the album “Born From Fire” they present amazing and mature music. This album, which contains melodic, varied and powerful songs, is suitable for fans of the power metal genre.

01. Born From Fire
02. Scorched
03. Fallen Angel
04. Go To Hell
05. Embers
06. Order & Chaos
07. The Beauty Of Monstrance
08. Queen Of Light
09. I Am Alive
10. Ghost Of Silence
11. Eternal Silence
12. Sacrifice (Bonus Track)

Line up:
Tim Hansen
– Guitar (2017 – present)
Dominik Gusch – Bass (2022 – present)
Dominik Zester – Drums (2022 – present)
Marcos Rodríguez – Guitar (2022 – present)
Craig Cairns – Vocals (2022 – present)

Music: 9/10
Production: 9/10

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