BLIND GUARDIAN Guitarist André Olbrich Was On The Jury For “The German Computer Game Award”

André Olbrich

André Olbrich, guitarist for German power metal band BLIND GUARDIAN who is also a game nerd has just been called as a judge for the “German Computer Games Award“.

“I’ve looked at the many games submitted in the last few weeks and certainly had a blast trying one or the other. On Thursday and Friday last week I’ve voted for my favorite out of 15 categories at the grand jury meeting.”

So if there was a category for “Best Gaming Setting by a German Metal Guitarist“, André would win it! Right?

The 2023 German Computer Game Awards will be presented on May 11 in Berlin. A total of 800,000 euros in prize money awaits for 15 categories. The category with the highest award is “Best German Game“.


André Olbrich