Unchosen Ones – Sorrow Turns To Dust (2023) (8/10)

Unchosen Ones - Sorrow Turns to Dust (2023)

Spanish melodic heavy metal band UNCHOSEN ONES will release their debut album entitled “Sorrow Turns to Dust” on April 21, 2023. The band, which was formed by drummer Jose Fernandez and keyboardist Christian Marco and later joined by bassist Robert Martinez (currently bassist Pablo Alvarez), guitarist Francisco Romero and finally vocalist Javier Calderón recorded their debut album at SMHQ Studios (Vigo) and the process of mixing and mastering at JFT Producciones Studios (Ciudad Real).

This debut album contains eleven songs that are conditional on guitar melodies and heavy but catchy rhythms influenced by heavy metal music and power metal in the late 90s era. In terms of lyrical themes, they are inspired by video games such as Elden Ring, Castlevania or Dark Souls. But also several other themes such as anxiety, sadness and the search for inner strength in facing all that life. With Javier Calderón‘s clear yet heavy vocals, it is a perfect match to offset UNCHOSEN ONES music which is very easy to digest and easy listening which will always ring in our heads for a long time. Javier Calderón‘s vocal character sometimes reminds me of Swedish vocalist, Johan Bernspång (KATANA)

Some of their music has a character like that of the Swedish heavy power metal band HAMMERFALL with no epic themes. We will be invited to always shake our heads every time we listen to their songs.

As the opening act, “Far Beyond The Thunderdome”, a song with a heavy rhythm surrounded by keyboards and beautiful guitar melodies, is indeed very suitable as a generator and spirit burner.

The World is Ours to Take” is the second track that is a bit more towards the song with the typical upbeat and light vibe. Continuing on to the third song “Infinite Gear“, a song that is heavier and has less tension, but occasionally a guitar melody appears coloring in some parts of this song.

The fourth song which is the title of the album “Sorrow Turns to Dust” opens with a keyboard melody and is followed by guitar and other instruments with a happy heavy metal tempo song and is a catchy song with a solo part dominated by the keyboardist and followed by an orchestral instrument song which quite modern and magnificent “The Accursed Moon“.

The song “Kill The Night” occupies the sixth position by opening with thumping bass followed by rhythm guitar and drums with keyboards following behind. This is a mid-tempo song that reminds me of the song “Wrath of a Warchild” by Finnish melodic metal band ALTARIA.

Furthermore, “Too Late“, a song that is quite dynamic, immediately presents the feel of thrash and double bass drums which are quite prominent and occasionally colored with progressive nuances until the end of the song. Followed by the melodic rock song “Shadow Dancer“.

The tempo rises again with the melodic heavy thrash song “Ashen Wasteland” with a chainsaw guitar rhythm and occasionally they increase the speed of the song’s tempo which makes this song feel dynamic.

The Call of the Rain” is a song that opens with guitar melodies and is followed by a light heavy/rock guitar rhythm with beautiful guitar solo melodies accompanied by keyboards. And as the closing song is the song “True Warrior” which is a metal ballad song with guitar strumming and Javier Calderón‘s vocals which are emotionally conditioned accompanied by contortions of guitar melodies and rhythm guitar beats in the style of HAMMERFALL‘s “Glory To The Brave” by combining types of music UNCHOSEN ONES.

Overall, as a newcomer who carries the melodic heavy metal genre with various influences and inspirations, UNCHOSEN ONES presents a music that is melodic and easy to digest or in other words easy listening. Together with the debut album “Sorrow Turns to Dust“, it is hoped that it will add satisfaction to fans of bands such as HAMMERFALL, ALTARIA and other melodic heavy metal bands.

Christian Marco – Keyboards
Francisco Romero – Guitar
Jose Fernandez – Drums
Javier Calderón – Vocals
Pablo Alvarez – Bass

1.  Far Beyond The Thunderdome
2.  The World is Ours to Take
3.  Infinite Gear
4.  Sorrow Turns to Dust
5.  The Accursed Moon
6.  Kill The Night
7.  Too Late
8.  Shadow Dancer
9.  Ashen Wasteland
10. The Call of the Rain
11. True Warrior

Music: 8/10
Production: 8/10

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Unchosen-Ones-Metal-184961780288076