Walk With Titans – Olympian Dystopia (2023) (9/10)

Walk With Titans - Olympian Dystopia (2023)

WALK WITH TITANS, a newcomer band on the world power metal music scene, the band from Montréal, Canada has just released its first album on May 26, 2023 with the title “Olympian Dystopia”, this album has a theme about Greek mythology with vocal characters clear and high and the music is fast and powerful.

Looking at the cover artwork, you can see and really feel the aura of Greek mythology with the mighty characters of Greek kings or gods. This album was welcomed with the song “Herakles” with a heavy power metal character with an orchestra behind it and beautiful guitar melodies in the solo section. Then followed by the song “Edge Of Time” a fast and powerful song with drums thumping that continues to roar and tight and rhythm guitar typical of power speed metal music and the occasional orchestra is faintly heard. Then the tempo drops a little with the song “Gods Of The Pantheon” which is more melodic and catchy but still feels epic and power metal, this continues with the song “As Titans Fall“, but here they include moments that remind one of senior power metal music from Finland, namely STRATOVARIUS, which is definitely the keyboard part and vocalist Jonathan Vézina‘s voice.

The fifth song “Lost Way“, the initial intro of this song is reminiscent of the song “Shelter From The Rain” by AVANTASIA. A fast track with uplifting guitar melodies and guitar rhythms for heavy and power metal music. Then “Final Down“, together with this song the vocalist again hears the sound character of Timo Kotipelto (STRATOVARIUS) combined with melodic metal music with a catchy ref.

Next, the song “Gift Of Fire“, was immediately beaten with rhythm guitars and passionate drum beats and the vocalist’s high voice. The song “Lost Paradise” is greeted with a guitar solo melody and is followed by rhythm and drum beats as well as the vocalist’s emotional notes with catchy and light refs for sing along.

The ninth song is “Seven Against Thebes” which is the first single from this album and is the first song I heard from this band. A fast and powerful song with dashing and powerful euphoria and capable of evoking enthusiasm and optimism, the fast and powerful solo melodies firmly establish this song as a typical power metal music.

The last song, “Eurydice” combines acoustic guitar and power metal guitar melodies, a fast and powerful debut with a catchy heavy metal rhythm coloring this closing song. The guitar rhythm at the beginning of this song reminds me a bit of the song “Primo Victoria” by the giant army power metal band SABATON which some people might call chainsaw rhythm.

Overall, as a newcomer to the metal and power metal music scene in particular, WALK WITH TITANS along with its first album “Olympian Dystopia” immediately gave a work with a strong character, quality and class. With this capable production output, it is only natural that this band has a place in the hearts of fans of power metal bands such as GAMMA RAY, AVANTASIA, STRATOVARIUS, SACRED OUTCRY, LOST HORIZON and OLYMPOS MONS.

Line Up:
Nikko Cyr – Drums
Nick Maugy – Rhythms Gitar
Louis Jacques – Gitar
Lydz Grondin – Bass
Jonathan Vézina – Vokal & Orkestra

1. Herakles
2. Edge of Time
3. Gods of the Pantheon
4. As Titans Fall
5. Lost Ways
6. Final Dawn
7. Gift of Fire feat. Renato Osório
8. Lost Paradise
9. Seven Against Thebes
10. Eurydice
Music: 9/10
Production: 9/10

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Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/5J5DYBuNUniJ7hhjik7ppq