TRICK OR TREAT Has Parted Ways With Its Drummer After More Than 10 Years Together

Trick Or Treat

Luca Setti, drummer for Italian power metal band TRICK OR TREAT has decided to leave the band, a drummer who has been with the band for more than 10 years and made the decision months ago and considered it carefully. Despite the sadness of losing a friend and relative from the lineup so far, the band wishes them all the best for the future.

Statement written by Luca Setti:

[“Dear TRICK OR TREAT family,

It is with a heavy heart and a myriad of emotions that I write this statement today. After much contemplation, I have made the difficult decision to part ways with TRICK OR TREAT, my musical home for the past 12 years.

Words cannot fully express the profound feelings as I’m writing this statement. The bond we have shared as bandmates and the emotional connection we have built over the years is something I will forever cherish. We have experienced countless unforgettable moments together,  traveled the world, laughed until crying, celebrated victories and overcome lows. The memories we have created on stage and offstage will forever be etched in my heart.

However, time flies and change becomes inevitable, and as a musician and individual i gradually took different paths.

Each of us has our own unique vision and creative pursuits that we wish to explore fully. It is in this pursuit of artistic expression that I have come to realize the need to concentrate on my own projects.

While it breaks my heart to leave behind the band and the experiences we have shared, it is a decision rooted in the need to follow my artistic instincts and nurture the ideas that have been brewing inside me. As difficult as it is to say goodbye, I believe it is necessary for both my personal and artistic evolution.

So, it is with a mix of sadness and excitement that I embark on this new chapter of my life”]

To my bandmates, I want to extend my deepest gratitude and love. Since that unforgettable day many years ago, when one of my favorite band asked me to join them, you have been my companions and second family, and our bond extends far beyond the stage. I will always carry the moments we’ve shared and the music we’ve created as a testament to our shared passion and friendship.

To our fans and friends around the world, I cannot thank you enough for your huge support throughout the years. Your friendship and love have been the fuel that kept us going, and I am humbled beyond words by the connection we have formed.

As I venture into this new phase of my musical career, I carry the memories and experiences with TRICK OR TREAT deep within my soul. The lessons learned, the friendships forged, the hundreds of shows will forever shape the artist I am today.

Thank you everybody, what a journey has been!


With great professionalism, Luca has given us the time, and helped to find a right replacement, whom we will introduce at our upcoming Saturday show.

TRICK OR TREAT Formed in 2002 as a HELLOWEEN tribute band, the band quickly became one of the most solid bands in the Italian metal scene, with albums which were very well received by critics and fans alike (including the album “Tin Soldiers” , which also featured Michael Kiske and Michele Luppi, and “Rabbits Hill Pt 1 & Pt 2” (which had Andre Matos, Tony Kakko and Tim Ripper Owens as special guests) and played hundreds of shows around the world, including a European tour with HELLOWEEN and STRATOVARIUS .

Between 2018 and 2019 TRICK OR TREAT finally brought to life their long-awaited project, namely the release of “Re-Animated” (anime series soundtrack cover album) and “Legend of the XII Saints” (a concept album inspired by the story of “Golden Knights of the Zodiac”), which further solidified their reputation are now among the premier bands in European Power Metal – also thanks to singer Alle Conti who supports LUCA TURILLI’s RHAPSODY and Swedish band TWILIGHT FORCE.