TRAUMER Releases A New Single Entitled “Mystery Of Flames”

Traumer Band

TRAUMER, a melodic power metal band from Brazil, after previously announcing Luis Sousa as their new bass player in mid-August 2023 and then being temporarily left behind by vocalist Guilherme Hirose to tour with super band NORTHTALE to America, Europe and Asia until the beginning of October, and finally after five years, the band released their new work with the release of a new single, “Mystery Of Flames“, on October 10th.

Mystery Of Flames” is an epic, anthemic and of course very melodic power metal song with a heavier touch than usual.

You can listen to the song “Mystery Of Flames” via Spotify:

And for music videos, from YouTube link below:

YouTube video

Guilherme Hirose – Vocals
Fabio Polato – Guitars
Nelson Hamada – Keyboards
Luis Sousa – Bass
Felipe Santos – Drums