SILVER NIGHTMARES Announced Their New Vocalist Vittorio Di Pisa

Vittorio Di Pisa

Progressive rock band from Italy, SILVER NIGHTMARES announced its new member, he is vocalist Vittorio Di Pisa who previously came from a tribute band DREAM THEATER. Here’s a statement from the band:

“We are thrilled to announce that Vittorio Di Pisa is joining SILVER NIGHTMARES as our new full-time lead vocalist! You may know Vittorio from his time with a sicilian DREAM THEATER Tribute Band. We were very impressed with his abilities! He is a nice guy and a very talented artist….a great addition to the family! On joining the band.”

Vittorio says:

“It’s great because this was my target! I am feeling good and I’m very motivated to keep giving my best. I feel super stoked about performing and creating music with SILVER NIGHTMARES. So let’s all give Vittorio a warm welcome!

P.S: Special thanks to our former vocalist Michele Vitrano for the time he spent with us and the contribution he made to our music.

Here’s the announcement video:

Vittorio Di Pisa – Lead & Backing vocals
Emanuele Lo Giudice – Lead and Rhythm Guitars
Gabriele Esposito – Bass
Gabriele Taormina – Keyboards
Alessio Maddaloni – Drums and Percussion, Trumpet