Christian Eriksson Is Back With FINAL STRIKE And Will Release Their Debut Album In November

Final Strike Band

Power metal vocalist Christian Eriksson (Ex-TWILIGHT FORCE, Ex-NORTHTALE) is back with his new band FINAL STRIKE, and today they announced their debut album entitled “Finding Pieces“, which will be released on November 24, 2023 through Reaper Entertainment. This album offers everything that fans of this genre could hope for.

And the artwork for the album cover for “Finding Pieces” was created by Emil Wickman.

Christian comments:

“Here we go, after 3 years of hard work we are finally ready to release our debut album “Finding Pieces”. It will be out on November 24th and it will come out as vinyl, cd and digital on all platforms. Can’t wait to share this album with you all. And to start this countdown we will share the beautiful cover to our album made by our brother in arms Emil Wickman.”

Emil adds:

“When I listen to this album it moves me to the core. This cover reflects my emotions towards the music and I am extremely happy with how it turned out.”

The first digital single entitled “Freedom” will be released on September 15 and you can pre-save it via the following link.

When Christian and NORTHTALE parted ways in 2020, the talented singer was at a crossroads in his life. He wanted to hang up the music and focus on other things. After some time of self-reflection, he decided that he wanted to make one last attempt to form his own band and make an album that he would have liked even when he was seventeen: FINAL STRIKE was born. Patrick Johansson (Drums) and Jimmy Pitts (Keyboards) had already played with Christian in NORTHTALE and also agreed to join the new band. The exceptional Swedish guitarist Martin Floberg and the bassist Jan Ekberg, also from Sweden, didn’t hesitate on joining FINAL STRIKE. And in July 2023 they signed a partnership with Reaper Entertainment to release their album worldwide and with Avalon Marquee to release their album in Japan.

Christian comments:

FINAL STRIKE is exactly what it sounds like, the final strike. We’ve gathered all of our experiences throughout life and united in a communal vision. With material for a long lasting future we look forward sharing our work with you. One last strike and this one is going to strike hard”

Flori from Reaper Entertainment adds:

“I’ve always been a big fan of Christian’s voice. His vocals and music have always reminded me a lot of my favorite albums of my youth – “The Keeper Of The Seven Keys” era of HELLOWEEN. Few singers come so close to the singing skills of a young Michael Kiske. I am very glad that Christian decided to form a band. After listening to the first songs, I can only say that my seventeen year old self would have completely loved the album. However, I still do that today… Welcome to the Reaper family!”

01. Archers
02. Finding Pieces
03. Fly
04. Freedom
05. Heaven’s Falling Down
06. Oblivion
07. Restless Mind
08. Spark from the Dark
09. To the North
10. Turn of the Tide

Christian Eriksson – Vocals
Patrick Johansson – Drums
Jimmy Pitts – Keyboards
Martin Floberg – Guitars
Jan Ekberg – Bass