Opus Atlantica – Opus Atlantica (2002) (8/10)

Opus Atlantica

OPUS ATLANTICA is a project of four musicians from Sweden including vocalist Peter Sandberg (MIDNIGHT SUN). In fact, three of those musicians (Jonas Reingold, Jaime Salazar, Peter Sandberg) had been together at MIDNIGHT SUN. And only Johan Reinholdz is from a different band. However, after I listened to the album “Opus Atlantica” many times, it was very different from what they did with MIDNIGHT SUN, here they don’t seem to be from the band Midnight Sun. In OPUS ATLANTICA they play faster and have more power and those who have listened to MIDNIGHT SUN will think that this is not them.

The song “Line of Fire” as an opening begins with the roar of the drums and the sweep of the bass which really feels in the ears, Peter Sandberg’s vocals are also very different from his previous bands, here Peter Sandberg’s vocals are higher and clearer, the chorus in this song adds to the feeling a little magnificent with accompaniment of keyboards and with guitar rhythms that are not too heavy like Swedish power metal bands in general. Followed by the song “Judas Call”, a song with more complex instrumentation, with a chorus that makes our heads shake, with a solo part that quite feels its progressive nuances.

Followed by my favorite song “Holy Graal” which starts with a keyboard intro that you could say like Alex Staropoli or Jens Johansson, with the main riff of this song reminiscent of typical power metal music with an “easy listening” chorus like RHAPSODY or CELESTY, rhythm and the keyboard is light and very catchy, the solo part reminds me of Jens Johansson’s keyboard strokes. “Prince of Darkness” is a ballad, here Peter Sandberg’s vocals sound like Anders Zackrisson (ex-NOCTURNAL RITES). An instrument song titled “Anthem” which quite showcases the skills of the players, especially the keyboardist and guitarist.

The song “Falling Angel” brings me to the feel of a military parade with the playing of the keyboard and the roar of the drums. In the song “Endless Slaughter” what impressed me was the chorus which was as light as in the song “Holy Graal”. The song “Sleep with the Devil” sounds like a progressive Christian song or occasionally like the music of TRANS-SIBERIAN ORCHESTRA. And it closes with the song “Edge of the World” which seems like industrial metal music with the beat of drums and rhythm guitar that reminds me of HAMMERFALL‘s “Stone Cold“, this song also has a minimal chorus, unlike some of the previous songs. her in this album.

1.  Line of Fire
2.  Judas Call  
3.  Holy Graal
4.  Prince of Darkness
5.  Anthem
6.  Falling Angel
7.  Endless Slaughter
8.  Sleep with the Devil
9.  Edge of the World

Line Up:
Pete Sandberg – Vocals
Jaime Salazar – Drums
Jonas Reingold – Bass, Keyboards
Johan Reinholdz – Guitar

Music: 8/10
Production: 8/10