COLDERRA Releases Their Fourth Single Entitled “Dersik”

Colderra Band

After previously releasing three singles “Cracked“, “Holy Fire” and “Jouska“, now COLDERRA, a power metal band from Indonesia based in the city of Malang is releasing their fourth single entitled “Dersik“, this song is planned to be part of one of the songs for their second studio album but there will be differences both in terms of arrangement and mixing.

The song by drummer Yasa Wijaya can be heard via COLDERRA’s BandCamp page and the lyric video can be viewed via their Youtube Channel or via the link below this article.

The song “Dersik” does feel heavier and more metal than the three singles they have released before. Although not as fast as “Holy Fire” but the heavy rhythm composition and background sound “grow” makes this song very different. The taste of progressive power metal music is also very strong, especially in the middle of the song combined with the melodic contortions of guitarist Iboer and some parts of this song remind us of the progressive power metal band from America, SYMPHONY X.

The growl voice in the song “Dersik” is the voice of vocalist Ruhul Al Jihad (DAWN OF IMPURITY) who helps them provide the background sound in this song.

COLDERRA was formed in 2016 and has released an album “Quantum Imagination” in 2018 ago.

Line up:
Iwan Ruby Sasmita – Vocals
Robby “Iboer” Achmad – Guitar
Yasa Wijaya – Drums & Programming

YouTube video
YouTube video
YouTube video