Metal Life Crisis – Theatre Of Fire (2023)

Metal Life Crisis - Theatre Of Fire

The second album by the progressive power metal band from New Jersey, United States, METAL LIFE CRISIS is entitled “Theatre Of Fire” and is planned to be released on November 7, 2023 via Sliptrick Records. This album is the culmination of their eight-year history that combines strength, musicality and increasingly mature songwriting. One of the highlights on the “Theatre Of Fire” album is the extraordinary drum playing from Matt Thompson (KING DIAMOND). METAL LIFE CRISIS is thrilled for the international metal community to hear their contributions to this diverse musical genre and look forward to the band’s newest member, Rich Dinnerman (drums), bringing their music to the global metal stage.

This second album presents music that is quite varied with the character of Gerald Franklin‘s voice which is shrill and high and quite progressive, accompanied by heavy metal guitar rhythms such as in the opening song “When It Returns” which reminds me of the heavy metal band from England, BLACK SABBATH on “Forbidden” era. The second song “Question I Answered Who” feels more progressive with beats that are quite difficult to guess, this can also be felt in the songs “Your Light” and “Noise In My Head“. The song “Balentree Moor” feels a little heavier with a slightly thrashy guitar rhythm and more powerful vocals, at several moments they insert short guitar melodies. Several songs with progressive drum beats and rhythms are still quite catchy and sometimes feel thashy, such as in the songs “Theatre Of Fire“, “The Beast” and “Jie Ateina Nuzudyti (They Come For The Kill)“. There is also the song “Mirror Mirror“, a progressive song with a touch of speed thrash, featuring fast drum beats and faster melodies and thrash rhythms.

Overall, the album “Theatre Of Fire” is a real result of the maturation process in songwriting and musicality from METAL LIFE CRISIS and supported by capable production, the output is a work that is increasingly mature in all aspects without losing the characteristics and character of their music.

Theatre Of Fire” was recorded and mixed by Gerald Franklin at Crisis Studio, drums were recorded at Whakatane studio with special guest drummer Matt Thompson from KING DIAMOND. Mastering was done by Plink Guilio at Seventeenth Ave Mastering. Cover artwork by Dan Goldsworthy.

METAL LIFE CRISIS was formed in 2015 by Shawn Kaiser (guitar) and Kevin Dixon (drums), this group was strengthened by the inclusion of Gerald Franklin (guitar, vocals) and Mark Yard Sr (bass).

Shawn Kaiser – Guitars
Gerald Franklin – Guitars/Vocals
Mark Yard – Bass
Richard Dinnerman – Drums

01. When It Returns
02. Question I Answered Who
03. Balentree Moor
04. Theatre Of Fire
05. The Beast
06. The Elite Obsolete
07. Jie Ateina Nuzudyti (They Come For The Kill)
08. Your Light
09. Mirror Mirror
10. Darkening Heart
11. Noise In My Head

Music: 7
Production: 8