ARCANE TALES Announces New Album Cover And Tracklisting

ARCANE TALES, a symphonic power metal band from Italy, announced the album cover and track list for their new album entitled “Until Where The Northern Lights Reign“. This album is planned to be released on January 29 2024 through Broken Bones Promotion.

1. One Last Ride (4:08)
2. King of Kings (4:13)
3. The Dark Portals of Agony (4:03)
4. Dwarven Storm (5:58)
5. Dead Hordes Ride From Hell (4:32)
6. Last Shàranworld’s Hope (3:15)
7. Against the Legions of Darkness (4:46)
8. We Will Meet Again (3:25)
9. Until Where the Northern Lights Reign (9:04)

This project was born as a real band in 1996, initially under the name BLACK RAVENS, but after disbanding in 2002, it became a “one man band” project, led by the founder Luigi Soranno (vocalist and guitarist). After developing the fantasy story “La Pietra Di Zaffiro” (The Sapphire Stone) which was published in two books between 2009 and 2013 (edited in Italy), Luigi recorded several demos and two self-produced albums with lyrics that reflect the themes of the books (“Battle For Earth” – 2014/ “New Hope Bringer” – 2016). With the music genre “Symphonic Power Metal” and brings him to signing with Broken Bones Records & Promotion, flanked by Silverstream Records. And finally the album “Sapphire Stone Saga” was released in the same year, followed by the album “Legacy of the Gods” in 2018 and the album “Power of the Sky” in 2019.

Thanks to overwhelmingly positive reviews and increasing community support, the project is finally gaining good visibility. So, in 2021, ARCANE TALES released the album “Tales From Sharanworld“, where Luigi reaches the pinnacle of his composition and production. 2022 is the year of consecration thanks to the masterpiece “Steel, Fire and Magic“, composed of 10 songs of brilliant and epic symphonic power metal truly appreciated by fans, critics and reviews.

Luigi Soranno – All Instruments