Kings Winter – The Other Side Of Fear (2023)

Firstly, I would like to thank to KINGS WINTER for giving METAL OPERA the opportunity to listen to their new album “The Other Side Of Fear“, this is their second album which is planned to be released on January 28, 2024. The cover artwork of this second album done by Gogo Melone ART which I think very describes what the album inside.

This album opens with the song “The Other Side Of Fear” which is the title of this album and is also the first single which available as a music video. A song with guitar rhythms that sounds rough but melodic for almost the entire song, dynamic drum beats accompany Jule Dahs‘ powerful and heavy female vocals. The anthemic chorus and beautiful guitar melodies color several moments as well as the solo parts in this song. “When Tyrants Fall“, here the tempo of the song rises slightly with bombastic drums and heavy, classic guitar rhythms with the occasional guitar melodies at the back at several moments in this second song.

Continuing with the third song “The Lost Art Of Grey“, a song that is immediately hit with a guitar melodies and powerful drum beats, continues with beautiful heavy metal rhythms and catchy vocals and a guitar melodies that accompanies the background for almost the entire song. The chorus of the song feels more anthemic than the previous two songs and the solo part is colored with beautiful guitar melodies, making this song to be my favorite song on this album.

Shadow Of The Cross” the song’s tempo increases faster with continuous bombastic drum beats that are full of energy, the guitar rhythm feels a little thrashy. Occasionally the tempo drops but not for long. The bass is quite pronounced in this song and they also include growl vocals at several moments as background sound in this song. Then the song “Destroyer Of Worlds” is a song with a pretty Maiden feel at the beginning with the bass beats and electric guitar strums accompanying the vocalist. Not long after, the silence was broken by the sound of drums and the sound of rhythm guitar and the song’s tempo rise with an anthemic chorus. The fast and very melodic solo part with bombastic drums is quite capable of being the highest point of satisfaction in this song.

The sixth song “Sonic Thunderstorm“, as the title suggests, this song is immediately hit with rumbling drums and dense guitars and soon the guitar melody takes over the top layer of this song. The double bass drum plays throughout most of the song and the guitar melodies continue to accompany Jule Dahs‘ voice in this song which is full of anthemic choruses.

Revolution’s Name“, a catchy melodic heavy metal song that will keep us headbanging throughout the song with its anthemic chorus and light, also classic guitar rhythm. The solo part is filled with beautiful guitar melodies and powerful drum beats. At the end of the song, it closes with an endless guitar melodies until the end of the song.

The last song “The Darkness Within“, among the seven other songs, is the song with the slowest tempo but feels more emotional, or maybe it could be included in the ballad category on this album. Or maybe more precisely a heavy ballad, because here Jule Dahs‘ voice still feels heavy, the rhythm guitar is heavy and the drums are powerful, but only the tempo of the song is slower.

Overall, the album “The Other Side Of Fear” represent a classic heavy metal music with anthemic and powerful choruses, lots of guitar melodies in almost every song and throughout, catchy guitar rhythms and powerful female vocals. Each element of the instrument complements each other to form a harmonious song that is beautiful to enjoy. Recommendation for fans of DORO, BURNING WITCHES and CRYSTAL VIPER.

Jule Dahs – Vocals
Tobias Dahs – Guitars
Christian – Schmitz – Guitars, Bass, Growls
Hendrik Franke – Bass (Live)

1. The Other Side Of Fear
2. When Tyrants Fall
3. The Lost Art Of Grey
4. Shadow Of The Cross
5. Destroyer Of Worlds
6. Sonic Thunderstorm
7. Revolution’s Name
8. The Darkness Within

Music: 7
Production: 7


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