Inpathos – Ascension (2023) (7/10)

INPATHOS, a melodic death band hailing from Washington State, the band announced the release date of their highly anticipated EP, “Ascension.” This EP is released worldwide on August 1, 2023.

The band draws inspiration from the beauty of nature that surrounds it, where verdant forests and snow-capped peaks coexist harmoniously with the vast expanses of the Pacific Ocean. With a foundation rooted in melodic death metal, the band fearlessly incorporates elements from a wide variety of musical genres, both within and outside of the metal spectrum, to create a completely unique sound that is unquestionably their own.

This EP not only represents our musical exploration, but it also symbolizes the beginning of a new chapter for us. After years of global isolation, we now embrace a new era and look forward with unwavering determination. As we ‘ascend,’ our music reflects the spirit of growth, resilience, and the beauty of our surroundings.

Ascension” is a musical journey that pays homage to their beloved land, featuring three songs dedicated to the elements that characterize its stunning landscapes. The first song, “Forsaken Shores“, is a powerful melodic death metal song with a touch of heavy metal rhythms and non-stop double bass drum, this song is also the embodiment of the power of the ocean. “Frostweald“, the second track, hits head-on with powerful death metal drumbeats and grunt guitars and acoustic guitars at the end, transporting the listener through the mystery of a vibrant green forest. Finally, “Ascension“, although not as fast as the previous two songs, but this third song feels more like guitar melodies and with a rough rhythm that makes this song feel quite dashing and powerful, here they invite listeners to make the highest climb to the peak of the majestic Cascade Mountains.

Line up:
Nabil Reed-Boulos – Drums
Anthony Nelson – Guitars
Adonis Reed-Boulos – Guitars
Brendan Brendible – Bass
Patrick Bradford – Vocals

1. Forsaken Shores
2. Frostweald
3. Ascension

Music: 7
Production: 7