FROZEN LAND To Release Second Album “Out Of The Dark” In June

Frozen Land Band 2023

Finnish metal power band, FROZEN LAND will release their new album “Out Of The Dark” on June 16, 2023 through their label Massacre Records. This second album is a must-have album for fans of old power metal music, the cover artwork on this album was done by Andrey Vasilchenko.

To anticipate new songs in digital format, you can save the following link:

And for the physical release, a pre-order session will be opened which will be informed soon.

1.            King’s a Bitch                      
2.            The Prophecy                     
3.            Dying of the Light                            
4.            Don’t You Ever Leave Me                             
5.            The Northern Star                           
6.            White Lightning                               
7.            Out of the Dark                 
8.            The Slayer                           
9.            Señorita

Line up:
Aki Kuokkanen – Drums
Tuomas Hirvonen – Guitars
Lauri Muttilainen – Keyboards
Tony Meloni – Vocals
Juhana Heinonen – Bass