Flowers In Dark – Celestial Vengeance (2023) (7.5/10)

Flowers In Dark - Celestial Vengeance

FLOWERS IN DARK, a gothic death metal band from Milan, Italy, has just released their first album entitled “Celestial Vengeance” today, May 20, 2023.

This album contains nine songs that bring us into a dark and melancholic nuance and atmosphere by incorporating symphonic metal melodies which are a combination of the artist’s soul and creativity of the band’s personnel with influences from Scandinavian melodic doom-death metal music to gothic, from EVANESCENCE to DARK TRANQUILLITY.

The combination of the vocal duet between Eleonera and Simone seems like a dialogue with oneself that involves the soul from within and inner dilemmas packaged in an epic manner. Accompanied by smooth synth instruments and heavy metal guitar rhythms, the majority are not as fast as symphonic metal bands like in the opening songs “Dying Moment“, “Beneath The Tides” and the song “Into Sand“.

In some songs it feels a little brighter or feels more like symphonic metal with a touch of heavy metal guitar melodies and drum beats that are faster and tighter like in the song “Crimson Onslaught“, and the song “Monolith Of Doubt” which is one of the songs that for me personally feels the most catchy and melodic although still wrapped in the dark nuances of gothic metal music, in this album they also incorporate elements of death metal in the song which is also the title of the album itself namely “Celestial Vengeance“. As well as “Why?” a song that quite smells of death metal music wrapped in melancholy symphonic music.

Looking from the results of their output, FLOWERS IN DARK with their debut album “Celestial Vengeance“, they deserve to be included in the list of middle and upper class melodic gothic metal bands with qualified production quality and music that can carry us along into the atmosphere of darkness and the melancholy they bring. For fans of bands like DRACONIAN, MY DYING BRIDE, PARADISE LOST, EVANESCENCE and DARK TRANQUILLITY will love it.

Line up:
Stefano – Drums
Lele – Guitars
Tommy – Guitars
Eleonora – Vocals
Simone – Vocals
Paul Crow – Bass

1.         Dying Moment           
2.         Beneath the Tides  
3.         Crimson Onslaught
4.         Why?
5.         Wooden Embrace
6.         Celestial Vengeance  
7.         Into Sand       
8.         Monolith of Doubt  
9.         Over the Shore

Music: 7/10
Production: 8/10


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