Fellowship – The Saberlight Chronicles (2022)


FELLOWSHIP, a power metal band or symphonic power metal to be more precise, from the UK. Like most symphonic power metal bands, they try to bring a story to their music and it is packed with melodies and harmonization that invites us to join in our fantasies while listening to them and enjoying them.

Their real journey began when they released an EP in 2020 and this has indeed attracted my attention to this band from the start. It started when I saw their video clip entitled “Glint” from the EP.

This band is not the creator or pioneer of a style or type of genre in music, but they are quite successful in combining several characters from their predecessor bands which I see as a role model for their music.

Still from the video clip for the song “Glint”, the styles and costumes they wear in the video already depict fantasy-like costumes or clothing, but when I see them, I don’t feel strange or surprised. Because their costumes are not much different from their predecessor band from Sweden who are known for their Adventure Metal music genre, TWILIGHT FORCE. Yes, from the title of their music, we can certainly imagine an adventure, aka adventure, adventure in a fantasy world.

Back to FELLOWSHIP, not long after they released an EP, they signed a contract with a well-known label, Scarlet Records, and I can see from here that they have taken the right steps for a confident future for this band. And in 2022, they released their first album entitled “The Saberlight Chronicles“. At first glance, looking at the cover artwork, some of us might already be able to judge that FELLOWSHIP is a power metal band.

Go straight into the first song on the album “The Saberlight Chronicles“, a song called “Until The Fires Die” which in my opinion is very appropriate they put this song in first place, a fast song with a happy and catchy musical character, a fun song easily ring in our heads for days and after I noticed the lyrics are also very suitable as an opening and as an introduction to this band. First verse:

Come with me
I’ll take you on a hero’s journey
Through the hills and spires of history’s spell
Come with me
There’s more than magic in these stories
That I tell, come near and warm yourself

Which indeed invites us to enter into their adventures and participate in fantasizing together. But musically this song reminds me of TWILIGHT FORCE songs and indeed I see him as one of the most influential influences in FELLOWSHIP music.

The second song is titled “Atlas“, in my opinion there is nothing unique or different, it’s just that this song is a bit typical of remix music or whatever it’s called with a fantasy feel and Matthew Corry‘s vocal character which is indeed very operatic. Followed by the song “Glory Days” which is their second single. This song is enough to make us sing along and one of my favorite songs after “Until The Fires Die“.

The fourth song “Oak And Ash” here seems to show where they got their musical inspiration from, yes fans of the bands TWILIGHT FORCE and DRAGONFORCE will immediately click with this song, powerful, catchy and fast melodies contained in this song.

Hearts upon the Hill” is a song that is not so fast but will make us nod our heads when listening to it, made by the melodic duo of guitarist Brad Wosko and the virtuoso Sam Browne a la Twilight Force occasionally heard here.

Scars and Shrapnel Wounds” I would say this is a typical mid-tempo song but they slightly upped the tempo at the end of the song.

The Hours of Wintertime” begins with a piano melody and continues with a guitar melody. This mid-tempo song is a bit more catchy than the previous song and here the vocalist occasionally tries to improve his ability to sing in high notes.

Glint” starts immediately with a melody and enthusiastic drum beats and again the vocalist dares to show his ability to sing in low and high notes, sometimes vocalist Matthew Corry’s character reminds me of vocalist Kristoffer Göbel (SIX FOOT) SIX, ex-FALCONER). “Glint” is a catchy operatic song laden with guitar melodies and for me this song gives off an uplifting and joyful aura when listening to it.

The Saint Beyond the River” is a symphonic and operatic song and gives an uplifting aura with piano accompaniment, melodic guitar and fast drums in the solo part as well as heroic choirs that foster an optimistic aura.

“For the saint beyond the river
I will take another step
For to see the final thread of life
Will sow my soul again!
For the saint beyond the river
I will see the face of god
For the saint beyond the river
Carry on!”

A ballad song “Silhouette” with piano accompaniment and continued with the song “Still Enough” a song that is not so fast but indulges in double bass drums. And finally, the longest song on the album “The Saberlight Chronicles“, entitled “Avalon“. It immediately starts with symphony and guitar melodies and fast thumping drums and orchestra, and for me I immediately feel an epic feel throughout the song.

Overall, as a new band, FELLOWSHIP has a promising future and although their debut album “The Saberlight Chronicles” is not an album that creates something new, they are able to combine existing musical characteristics with the right concept.

The Saberlight Chroniclestrack list:
1. Until The Fires Die
2. Atlas
3. Glory Days
4. Oak And Ash
5. Hearts Upon the Hill
6. Scars And Shrapnel Wounds
7. The Hours of Wintertime
8. Glint
9. The Saint Beyond the River
10. Silhouette
11 Still Enough
12. Avalon

Callum Tuffen – Drums
Sam Browne – Guitars
Brad Wosko – Guitars
Matthew Corry – Vocals
Daniel Ackerman – Bass

Music: 7/10
Production: 8/10

Website: https://www.fellowshipmetal.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/FellowshipUK/