Eufobia – Madness (2022) (8/10)

Eufobia - Madness 2022

EUFOBIA, a death metal band from the city of Sofia, Bulgaria, released their fourth album entitled “Madness” on June 10, 2022 through their label Wizard.

As the opening song which is also the title of this album “Madness“, from the start it was immediately presented with a bombastic musical sound with the thundering Blago double pedal combined with Niki‘s dashing vocals and the booming vocals of the bassist Steff making the song “Madness” really fit perfectly in the opening song position. The song is able to lift adrenaline and emotional enthusiasm with heavy heavy metal guitar rhythms and tucked in melodies from guitarist Ivan, who is fast in the solo part. And to be honest I’m not a big fan of death metal music, but when I heard this song I was amazed and amazed, emotionally I can feel how this song lifts my adrenaline and emotions.

The second song is “Facing The Firing Squad” begins with a thrashy rhythm and a slightly lower tempo and a slightly more progressive drum beat but slightly up tempo in the middle of the song. Niki sings emotionally and powerfully in this song. Continuing to the song “Wolf Among The Sheep” the thrashy and deathy feel is very pronounced in this song, with fast rhythms and heavy drum beats coupled with death’s heavy and powerful vocals. The melodic guitar solo part gives a bright color amidst the roar of this death metal music.

Then the song “Messiah” begins with a heavy metal rhythm and feels lighter than the previous three songs, making this song feel more catchy. Niki’s voice again gives a distinctive character in the nuances of powerful death metal music by incorporating a bit of aggressive black metal drum beat elements at the end of this song and adds more value and has class above average.

The fifth song “Those Who Believe“, this song begins with a rhythm guitar beat that is not too fast with a blend of heavy metal drums that are also loaded with double pedals and with a powerful growl vocal character which is also typical of death metal music itself.

Burning Streets” is a fairly short song among the others on the “Madness” album, at less than three minutes long. However, this does not reduce the character of their music, powerful death metal rhythms, thumps and double pedal drums that are endlessly combined with emotional and powerful vocal duets and fast guitar melodies in the solo section.

The song “Use Your Head” immediately begins with a catchy and powerful musical nuance, entering the middle of the song with the accompanying guitar melody at the back to entering the solo part which feels a little progressive towards the end of the song. Followed by the song “Liberation” which immediately opens with a heavy rumbling rhythm and double pedal drums and the vocalist’s booming voice and closes with a fast guitar melody at the end of the song. And the song entitled “The Establishment” along with this song, the tempo of the song drops again by incorporating progressive elements and a fairly long guitar melody coloring at the beginning of this song accompanied by a lighter rhythm, powerful vocals that are loaded with emotion and very powerful thumping drums .

In closing, the song entitled “Animal Farm” which immediately begins with a light heavy metal guitar rhythm and powerful drums and is colored with powerful vocals and again feels very emotional. Entering the solo part, the tempo drops slightly with the guitar melody and rises again with the vocalist’s input.

Overall, by incorporating elements of two vocal characters that are very powerful and full of emotion, wrapped in fast and powerful death metal music and fast guitar melodies accompanied by drums that are loaded with a tight and powerful double pedal and the bass as a counterweight to their music so as to produce the output of a masterpiece album “Madness“. In short, this album “Madness” presents us with an aggressive, powerful and classy musical color with above average production quality. Those of you who are fans of bands like SEPULTURA, ROTTING CHRIST and DEATH are very worthy and it is highly recommended to listen to this band with a lot of character. And after I listened to some of EUFOBIA‘s previous albums, I think this is their best album so far.

01. Madness
02. Facing The Firing Squad
03. Wolf Among The Sheep
04. Messiah
05. Those Who Believe
06. Burning Streets
07. Use Your Head
08. Liberation
09. The Establishment
10. Animal Farm

Line up:
Niki – Guitar, Vocals
Ivan – Guitar
Steff – Bass, Vocals
Blago – Drums & Vocals

Music: 8/10
Production: 8/10