EDU FALASCHI New Album Entitled “Eldorado”

Edu Falaschi

The complex story behind the album “Vera Cruz” took a new direction and became a trilogy.

“Eldorado” is the second part of the trilogy of the saga of Jorge, the main character in the saga of the album “Vera Cruz” and also the second album of EDU FALASCHI’s solo career. This work makes a big difference, due to the fact that the story of “Eldorado” begins with the meeting of the Black Bishop and the Aztec empire, the artist’s approach is conveyed through the different aspects of Latin music from the pre-colonial period to modern Latin music, with songs in Spanish, the native language, the rhythms, harmonies and melodies that characterize an ancient culture with great cultural and artistic richness.

The album “Eldorado” is slated for a worldwide release in August 2023.

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