Dreamgate – Dreamgate (2024)

DREAMGATE, a new sensational band from the Italian power metal music scene, which was born in 2022. This band combines various musical influences ranging from power, progressive to symphonic metal, in terms of lyrics, they are inspired by historical events, myths, comics, films, books , and videogames. On June 2nd, 2024 they released their debut album with the same title as the band’s name “Dreamgate” through the Italian label, Underground Symphony, with the album cover done by Romulo Dias.

Immediately, as an opening, this album opens with the song “Sun King“, a song that was released first on April 4th, 2024. This is a song that begins with rhythms typical of power metal bands from the 2000’s era which are wrapped with a symphony and orchestra, dynamic and powerful drums, clear and heroic vocals by Fabio Brunetti and a catchy chorus that is sure to hit the fans continues to stick in our memories. At several moments I remembered the song “Glory Days” from the British symphonic power metal band, FELLOWSHIP and several anthemic orchestral parts that reminded me of the band TWILIGHT FORCE.

The second song “The Scout of the Empire” is a song that opens with a chorus led by the vocalist, connected by an enthusiastic guitar melody. The continuous pounding of drums with double bass drums and an orchestra that continuously accompanies behind makes this song have a strong symphonic feel. A very unique and melodic solo part with a cheerful orchestra. Towards the end of the song a strong choir colors this song and then closes with the vocalist’s screams.

Life Is One” is a song that is quite light and throughout most of the song, symphonic elements accompany it, occasionally becoming more prominent at several moments and has the influence of neoclassical music, the tempo rises when the song enters the solo section. This song reminds me quite a bit of their countryman band, DERDIAN, in the era of vocalist Ivan Gianinni. Furthermore, the song which is also the motto of FC Club Bruges in Belgium “No Sweat No Glory“, this song has an epic drum tempo and has a very strong fighting feel. At some moments, the songs like they were in a stadium sounded so magnificent that they would spread enthusiasm and confidence to achieve victory.

The song “The Lost Symbol” the vocals part is filled by Anders Skòld (VEONITY), a song with strong symphonic elements, a light guitar rhythm combined and unusual progressive notes make this song feel elegant with a catchy chorus.

The sixth song, which is also the band’s name, “Dreamgate“, from the start the song feels catchy and cheerful but feels very optimistic. The chorus is interesting with the vocals’ high notes and catchy. Orchestral elements are heard in the solo part with fast drum beats.

The All (The Magic of the Silver Dew)”, a song that is full of symphonic and energetic with a tight double bass drum. Vocalist Fabio Brunetti‘s screams are explored more in this song. Entering the solo section, the tempo suddenly drops and turns into a ballad with piano accompaniment, but not for long because the guitar solo melody takes over the moment. Continues the eighth song “Ball & Chain”, a ballad that opens with a prominent orchestra and piano, a song that has emotionally charged voices and vocals and symphonic accompaniment throughout almost the entire song. The classical guitar melodies in this song are played by Gianluca Carlini (GREAT MASTER).

The ninth song “The Garden of Tears” begins immediately with typical cheerful symphonic power metal music that will transmit enthusiastic adrenaline with a fast tempo and strong arrangement that makes it feel very energetic. Fast music with catchy choruses with symphonic and organ notes accompanies and stands out at several moments. The very attractive guitar solo part with stunning melodies makes this song secure itself in the category of melodic symphonic power metal music. And I dare say this is my favorite song on this album. Followed by the song “Cecil” with typical classic power metal music with powerful drum beats, fast guitar rhythms and dynamic vocals with high to low notes. At the end of the song, towards the end, this song feels very beautiful, with unusual notes.

The closing song is entitled “Belmonts’ Fate“, a song with a classic metal touch, full of light notes and a majestic arrangement that sometimes gives a unique atmosphere.

Overall, DREAMGATE with its debut album “Dreamgate” is able to provide the sensation of symphonic power metal music which is full of catchy melodies with stunning guitar riffs, high-pitched and emotionally charged vocals, and elegant orchestral arrangements. All elements work together to make their songs feel enjoyable, for fans of bands such as TWILIGHT FORCE, FELLOWSHIP, RHAPSODY OF FIRE, NORTHTALE, DERDIAN and STRATOVARIUS, this album is a recommendation that is worth to enjoying.

01.       Sun King
02.       The Scout of the Empire
03.       Life Is One
04.       No Sweat No Glory
05.       The Lost Symbol
06.       Dreamgate
07.       The All (The Magic of the Silver Dew)
08.       Ball & Chain
09.       The Garden of Tears
10.       Cecil
11.       Belmonts’ Fate

Fabio Brunetti – Vocals
Armando De Angelis – Guitar
Alessandro Battini – Keyboard
Micael Branno – Bass
Gianluca Capelli – Drums

Music: 8/10
Production: 7/10

Homepage: www.dreamgate.it
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DreamGate.Power

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