CARPE DIEM New Album “In Nomine Honoris” To Be Released This April

Carpe Diem Band

Colombian Symphonic Power Metal band CARPE DIEM announced their third studio album titled “In Nomine Honoris“, a 10-track album that will be released on April 27, 2023 under an independent label.

In Nomine Honoris” is an album that reinterprets the history that shaped us so many years ago. Each song is a study of various parts of the conflict for independence which alternate with fragments of life that touch us today. All the songs on this album are composed with love, learning and the band’s signature Symphonic Power Metal.”

The cover artwork for this album is a wonderful artistic piece from our friend Juan Camilo Pulido, with whom we sat down to talk and talk about everything we hope for this work. Includes lengthy talks on philosophy, history, and many other topics. We are very grateful for this amazing work that turned out great!

1. Horrific beautiful
2. Legend Battles
3. The Liberator
4. The Avenger
5. Laurel Crown
6. Long live the King
7. Crimson Winter
8. Kill or be killed
9. In Nomine Honoris 
10. Asia (Willie Colón Cover)

CARPE DIEM was formed in 2014 and has released two albums namely “La máquina del tiempo” in 2014 and “Victoriano” in 2017.

Line up:
Camilo Chichanoy – Bass
Gyovanny Rojas – Drums
Brayan Acosta – Guitars
Francisco Hernandez – Vocals
Ivan Leon Lopez – Guitars