Bad Marilyn – Eye Of The Snake (2024)

The Swiss power metal band, BAD MARILYN, has just released their debut album entitled “Eye Of The Snake” on May 3rd, 2024. In the studio, this album was handled directly by Dennis Ward, and the album cover artwork was done by Stan W Decker.

Immediately, this album opens with the song “I Die Inside” which is also their first single and there is also a music video for this song. This song opens with a heavy metal guitar rhythm and growl death metal vocals and alternates with the clear voice of Andrea Raffaela who really has his own charisma. Light heavy metal guitar rhythm, catchy chorus and melodies like HELLOWEEN and a vocal character that reminds me of the band from Finland, BATTLE BEAST.

The second song, “Eye of the Snake“, with a Middle Eastern feel opens this second song and I immediately remembered the song “Sun For The World” (HELLOWEEN) but combined with a slightly remixed rhythm like BATTLE BEAST or several songs from DREAMTALE. And once again, beautiful melodies are embedded in the guitar solo which will definitely spoil the ears of melodic metal fans.

Followed by the song “Perfect Moment“, a song that is catchy and powerful, yes… this song starts with music that will make our heads sway and will continue like that when the song enters a third of the song and so on. They also include a growl vocal character in this song at several moments and the music gets faster as it approaches the end of the song, pounding drums like in the song “Painkiller” (JUDAS PRIEST) can also be heard in this song.

The song “Retribution” with a slightly heavy but catchy guitar rhythm starts this song and reminds me of the rhythm of the song “Gorgar” (HELLOWEEN). In this song, Andrea Raffaela shows his skill in singing with death metal vocals and alternating with clear vocals so that sometimes it feels like dialogue. And the fifth song “Children of Tomorrow“, a song with charismatic and cinematic vocals combined with a light heavy metal guitar rhythm coloring this song with occasional keyboard melody sounds. Beautiful and melodious guitar solos also complement this song.

Sixth, “When She’s Gone” with a heavy guitar rhythm and powerful drums immediately opens this song, melancholic vocals color this song but change into clear and shrill vocals and the orchestra accompanies thinly behind. And the song “Revolution“, with death metal vocals and heavy metal rhythm guitar blending and blending with clear vocals, sometimes feels like the character of 80s heavy metal music, and again the guitar solo melodies are the parts that I always wait for – from this band. Because they almost always present melodies that really spoil our ears.

The eighth song “Legend of Salvation“, bass and keyboard and orchestra beats start this song and continues with a chainsaw guitar rhythm and powerful drums with orchestral accompaniment at certain moments making this song feel quite dynamic. The catchy chorus with an optimistic feel will make this song very easy for power metal fans to accept and I can say this is the most majestic song on this album.

Queen of Thunder“, a song that is very light both from the melody and rhythm of the guitar, the guitar solo melodies that are in response to the keyboard and the song “Eternal Pain” which has a slightly industrial feel at the beginning of the song, but soon the guitar rhythm changes more heavy metal and a little thrashy.

The closing song “We Will Rise“, the title of the song quite tickled my eyes and ears, I was curious about the character of the song and after listening to the song “We Will Rise” I was not disappointed! Yes… because the title of this song met my expectations. A song that can lift adrenaline and raise enthusiasm and positive aura in my soul, especially the chorus in this song which is very catchy and full of enthusiasm. And I can say that this is my favorite song on this album. The Ultimate Song!!


An additional song or what is usually called a bonus track, “Stay Awake” is a ballad song that is full of emotion. I think this metal ballad song would be very beautiful if sung in live stage and I can imagine how the audience would take turns singing along to this song while turning on their smartphone flash lights.

Overall, BAD MARILYN with their debut album “Eye Of The Snake” presents power metal music that is dynamic, melodic, catchy, powerful, classy and full of emotion. With the support of Dennis Ward in the studio kitchen, this album’s output is worthy of being in the top class. Musically, for those of you who are fans of bands like HELLOWEEN or BATTLE BEAST, it is highly recommended to include their works in your wardrobe.

01. I Die Inside (4:42)
02. Eye of the Snake (4:18)
03. Perfect Moment (4:55)
04. Retribution (4:22)
05. Children of Tomorrow (3:45)
06. When She’s Gone (4:15)
07. Revolution (4:00)
08. Legend of Salvation (4:30)
09. Queen of Thunder (4:34)
10. Eternal Pain (4:16)
11. We Will Rise (5:15)

12. Stay Awake (4:34)

Andrea Raffaela – Vocals
Sammy Lasagni – Guitars
David Craffonara – Bass
Andri Leonardo – Keys
Armin Schöpfer – Drums

Music: 9/10
Production: 9/10


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