Attractive Chaos – The Fire Between Us (2023) (8/10)

Attractive Chaos - The Fire Between Us

ATTRACTIVE CHAOS, a new name in the symphonic metal music scene has been born, but if you look at the names of the personnel, in fact they are not new people but old names that maybe some of us already know and their fans. Yes…behind the band’s new name there are old people who have a wide range of activities, the names include; Pier Paolo Lunesu who is a bass player for the Italian bands EVEN FLOW and WONDERS, there is also guitarist Clément Botz and vocalist Emma Elvaston who are both from the French band BENEATH MY SINS. And as drummer, they invited drummer Thomas Calegari from progressive power metal band from France, ASYLUM PYRE.

As an opener, “Before You Hit the Ground”, a song with a heavy metal rhythm but a little lighter, combined with Emma Elvaston‘s beautiful voice with a little progressive musical touch and by inserting beautiful guitar melodies makes this song a perfect melodic symphonic heavy metal masterpiece.

Followed by the song “Won & Lost“, a song that begins with a catchy rhythm and the orchestra behind it accompanies it with a bit of a dance feel, making this song make us always sway and nod our heads. Emma’s voice is very melodious in this song and sometimes I am reminded of the character of Gwen Stefani‘s voice (NO BOUBT) with a fairly high vocal range. If I may be honest, I think this song is my favorite song from the album which will be released on April 12th.

The third song is titled “Come To Me”, the short melody at the beginning of this song is able to generate adrenaline when we enjoy this song and Emma’s beautiful voice that can calm our hearts, minds and souls. With the addition of a chorus on the chorus, this song really feels the nuance of dialogue in accordance with the theme of this song’s lyrics.

The song “Still Here”, opens with a melodious piano melody and high-character symphonic heavy metal vocals over thin orchestral accompaniment. In this song they invited vocalist Mario del Río (MELPHOMENE, OBLIVION REQUIEM, ALIA TEMPORA) to sing a duet with Emma Elvaston. And continuing to the song “As You Are” which is the fifth song on this EP album, this song is a melodic heavy metal song with guitar melodies that feel powerful with occasional incorporation of orchestral and progressive elements, duet Emma Elvaston and bassist Pier Paolo Lunesu in this song is like what Marco Hietala did with NIGHTWISH.

Then “The Storm“, a closing song on this EP album, begins with a guitar melody which is quite unique and the guitar rhythm is heavier when compared to the previous songs but slowly the guitar melody turns it into a more catchy and beautiful accompaniment with the nuances of the desert behind . Again they do a vocal duet on this song in a catchy and cool chorus for the singalong. The catchy and long guitar melodies in the solo section sound very beautiful and the drummer plays double pedal drums at the end of this song.

Overall, with their debut EP “The Fire Between Us“, they present classy and elegant music. Judging from the output that they produce, it is very clear that their talent and seriousness in making music and making it is very visible. For you fans of melodic symphonic metal music or bands like NIGHTWISH, EPICA, AMARANTHE, WITHIN TEMPTATION or VISIONS OF ATLANTIS, now is the time to receive beautiful new work on the symphonic metal music scene.

Line up:
Pier Paolo Lunesu
– Bass, Vocals
Clément Botz – Guitars, Vocals
Emma Elvaston  – Vocals

1.            Before You Hit the Ground
2.            Won & Lost
3.            Come to Me
4.            Still Here  
5.            As You Are
6.            The Storm

Music: 8/10
Production: 8/10


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YouTube video